5 Key Elements For Weight Loss

You just hear this “weight loss!” from here or there and the kind of expression your face automatically gets engaged with is sort of either already disappointed or tired.

Your Mind associates you upon hearing some words with certain things automatically which have proved uneasy in past for you.

Because, for you, Weight Loss means Hard Work, Gym, Running, Food Sacrifice, etcetera.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Do you know, Weight Loss is not always Healthy? However, there are multiple factors associated with weight loss that allows you to have a healthy body to enjoy your life.

What is Weight?

Simply, a state of being heavy. Consider a little science and force acting on an object due to gravity is defined as weight.

Add a little more, we arrive at the point where there is something separately called Human Body Weight and Human Body Mass in biological science.

Let’s get it clear here, scientifically, when we call weight loss, the context is actually about mass loss and not weight loss. Weight is usually referred to as the mass only but since there’s a gravity role over the planet earth, the weight can be a unit of measurement for the body mass.

Body Mass VS Body Weight

Human Body Mass – It is simply the composition of your body which primarily includes muscles, bone, fluid, and fat.

Human Body Weight – It is simply your body’s total mass added by the gravity force on the planet earth.

Now you know the composition of your body, but you must understand which element of your body requires to get lost its mass and which element must not lose weight to be overall healthy.

How to Lose Weight Fast?

How to lose weight is the key section we need to understand here, but as a matter of fact, you must know whether your body requires you to lose weight or gain weight. Surgery is fastest way to loss weight but it’s little bit costly. Government running weight loss surgery grants Program to help people, who have weight above 150kg.

The measurement of your Body Mass Index (BMI) will help you determine your body category, by easy calculation, you can have it online. It will let you know whether your body is underweight, overweight, healthy weight, or obese.

Once you’re ready with your measurements and if your body is overweight or you suffer from obesity, now you must start working on losing your body weight, practically body mass.

Note: If you’re suffering underweight, you must understand the hidden causes, it mostly coexists with malnutrition or lack of food. Sometimes too much diet or extreme calorie restriction or too much exercise leads you to serious health trouble.

Diet Planning and Tips?

Before talking about diet plans, and weight loss strategies, you must understand four major nutrients and their importance in your dietary plans.

  • Carbs will give you the energy to sustain your activity the whole day.
  • Protein will strengthen your muscles and also heals the tissues when damaged during your everyday activity.
  • Fiber will provide you with a healthy digestive system significant for overall health.
  • Fat will give you a shining skin tone and provide strength to your brain cells to function normally.

How Quickly You Can Have Weight Loss?

This used to be a giant hot topic in the weight loss strategy over the media, but, buried with time since there’s no shortcut to weight loss. We’re sorry to disappoint you but the truth leaves nobody.

The false illusional strategies would always direct you towards taking extreme steps against your body’s capacity.

Some are cardio beyond your limits, extreme calorie restrictions, substance protein consumption, the complete boycott of fat-containing food, and weight loss drugs.

We want you to walk more but run less. Here are five major tips for weight loss in the right way.

  • Regular Sleep Cycle, start with sleeping more because it’s the most important element for a healthy body we often ignore, we would like to put this in front and first of everything else. Observe yourself, are you getting enough sleep or you are just randomly treating your sleep cycle by roaming upon your mood, or do you sleep when your digital screens let you sleep?
    • We ignore this, the reason we want to intensify this one factor even before talking about losing weight.
    • Regular Sleep cycles can make sure you are fit enough to maintain a regular diet and exercise routine as well.
  • Calorie Intake Capacity, measure this first if you are overweight, for each body type and body weight, the calorie intake differs, however in general it is 1200 – 1500 Kcal/Day for the female body and 1500 – 1800 Kcal/Day for the male body. You must know, what calorie is, and how it plays the role in your body. It is the main element that gives you constant energy and also strives to store energy in excess for you while your body is at rest.
  • Nutrients, your values, know them well, and your half of the job is done. Many people don’t know that, it’s not about how much you exercise and run, it’s majorly about what exactly you eat in what amount. There are four major nutrients other than micronutrients which are playing a central role in your body weight, carbs, protein, fats, and fiber.
    • Get done with your chart about these four major nutrients available online, know the amount and start to maintain the conscious efforts upon which nutrient you consumed today in what amount, is that required enough or you ate in excess?
    • This conscious effort will actually how any habit can get developed and installed into your lifestyle. Once the habit will be there, you won’t be required to pull your thoughts toward whether have you filled up your quota of protein intake today or not.
  • High Scale on Vegetables, it’s common to understand, you must have heard a lot of times, the same story yet inevitably significant in your weight loss journey. Think of the broccoli against the rice, it’s the same way of dealing with your carbs intake against the protein. The calculation will gradually evaporate once you get a basic idea about the nutritional values of different veggies. You remember you must balance your micronutrients as well along with those four major nutrients. However, to begin with, we suggest, focusing and working dedicatedly on your major nutrient intake would fetch great benefits which don’t qualify for micronutrient ignorance, and you must adopt the art of balance once you learn your intake diet chart.
  • Avoid Sweet Beverages, it’s inversely proportional when it comes to drinking water. Water is the most significant element for a healthy body. It’s often considered the first thing to consume in the morning after waking up, drinking clean water. However, when we talk about sugar beverages, they are not on the plus side. They would damage your body weight after you’ve enjoyed the taste. Make sure you don’t consume, though by chance if you have to in a day, you must monitor the intake. Because mostly these beverages are high in calories occupying the space from your total calorie intake quota for a day.
    • The more you are inspired enough to take the action for your weight loss journey, the better you would get the results. Remember how you feel when you walk against how you feel when seat. If the flashbacks don’t wake you up early in the morning, you’re yet to be prepared. You must cultivate that mental strength within you.

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