Get Apartments for Seniors Based On Income

Seniors who wish to live independently can now get apartments for seniors based on income. It provides comfortable housing to seniors who wish to live unbothered by anyone. Low-income apartments for senior citizens are also available for seniors not working in positions with a more significant pay scale.

Many seniors struggle with housing problems due to their income, but that would not be a problem anymore as there are ways to get subsidized senior housing with nonmedical conditions. Apartments for the elderly according to their income have been listed in the records, which are then published for seniors seeking housing assistance.

How to Get Apartments For Seniors Based on Income?

Income becomes an excellent problem for seniors. Their income might be restricted because they can work for limited hours and only pull off a specific job. Due to this reason, it becomes hard for them to get housing facilities that complement their wage. But now, there are ways to find apartments for seniors based on income.

Apartments for seniors based on income

1. USDA Rural Apartment For Seniors Based on Income

The United States Department of Agriculture provides senior citizen apartments based on income. Approximately 15,000 apartments in rural areas are allotted for seniors based on the income program.

These houses for the elderly have been located in rural areas, so all their needs are easily fulfilled. They would not have to go far to fetch any resources.

These income-based housings are available in 50 United States of America states. You can check if the USDA provides housing facilities in your state under their senior apartments based on income program. You can visit their official site and check if subsidized senior housing(non-medical) is available under the government subsidized senior housing.

2. Section 202 Supportive Housing For Seniors:

Section 202 Supportive Housing for Seniors provides subsidized senior housing to seniors who struggle to find permanent housing. Apartments for seniors based on income are provided under this program to seniors who have very low incomes.

Due to age, seniors whose income has been restricted can apply for apartments for the elderly under this program. One needs to visit the HUD office online and fill in the form. You might also need to fulfill specific eligibility criteria under this program.

3. Housing Choice Voucher Program:

Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 Voucher Program is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development initiative to provide apartments for seniors based on income. They provide subsidized senior housing to those in need.

Through this program, HUD helps provide senior citizens apartments based on income in various ways. It also helps them with their rent. Their rental assistance plans have been active and used by many needy seniors over the past few years.

The housing choice voucher program is introduced and structured in such a way that it helps senior citizens get apartments based on their income.

Seniors, low-income families, and the disabled can apply for this program. One will get subsidized apartments if one fulfills all the eligibility criteria set for this program. The eligibility for the program is as follows:


  1. The applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  2. He or She must be 65 years of age or above. (For seniors applying for income based senior apartments program)
  3. Proof of their income at the time of submission of the application form is the mandatory process.
  4. Required documents for the medical conditions at the time of the form submission.
  5. The applicant must be less than 50% of the gross median income.

If you are found eligible for the program, you would have to pay 30% of your monthly annual income as rent, and the program would cover the rest.

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4. State Resources

Apart from the federal government, the state government also provides apartments for seniors based on income. Senior citizen apartments based on income provided by the state government are houses owned by the government. Also, the private housing industry has a few options where they provide subsidized senior housing.

The senior citizen apartments, based on the income the state government provides, come with various facilities. These facilities include a hospital in the vicinity, a wheelchair in the apartment in case of an emergency, and some free space to facilitate the needs of the elderly.

5. City and County Agencies

Some agencies in your city and county can also help you with housing. City and county agencies also strive to provide apartments for seniors based on income. These agencies collaborate with non-profit organizations to provide subsidized senior housing to those in need.

You can get a list of senior citizen apartments based on income from these agencies and decide which house would be better for you depending on your needs and financial condition.

All you need to do to get this list is to contact them and make a formal request regarding your need. They would ask you about your financial status and medical conditions (if you have any). This would help them sort out better housing facilities that suit your needs.

Where to Get an Apartment For Seniors?

Seniors who wish to live independently can look for qualifying low income senior housing in various directions. There are various ways to get low-income apartments for senior citizens. Some of these ways have been discussed here.

apartments for seniors

1. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

The low-income housing tax credit is a federally funded program that helps seniors get subsidized housing. The HUD created the low-income housing tax credit, which backs it financially. Under this program, the building owners keep several housing units aside for low-income seniors or residents.

Some eligibility criteria are needed to be fulfilled to get an apartment for seniors based on income under this program.

To get the benefits of the program, you need to apply for the LIHTC program at a local community center, or you can visit your city, county, or state’s affordable housing website, where you would be able to search for houses that suit your needs and are budget-friendly for yourself.

2. Public Housing

Some building owners scrape a few units from their buildings to give them to low-income citizens. At the same time, some have built entire buildings and highrises that are set apart only for low-income residents, specifically seniors.

These are subsidized units that are provided to low-income seniors at lower rates. These housing programs are not at all age-specific. These programs help all those who are in need. Yet the preference is given to the elderly, seniors, veterans, and single mothers.

Public housing programs house properties owned by the state or federal governments. Thus, these properties are government-owned, giving them away at subsidized rates to those facing a financial crunch. Being a senior citizen also benefits the person as you would only have to pay 30% of the rent, and the other 70% would be taken care of by government agencies.

You can look for the availability of public housing by visiting the website of HUD or your city or state’s housing website. They will list housing options catering to your needs and pockets. You can select a house that suits you and your family.

3. Private Housing

Apart from public housing, the HUD provides private housing options. The HUD helps seniors get senior citizen apartments based on income in various ways, including private housing. Private housing means you would be the sole owner and resident of the house.

You can apply directly to the apartment’s management. Private housing, too, has some criteria to be met, like public housing programs. If you fulfill these criteria, you can start living in the house allotted to you.

Public housing and private housing programs of the HUD are quite popular; due to this reason, the resources can be diminished quite easily. You might not get the help you expect from these programs. It might work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Due to this, you might need to keep a close eye on the list of subsidized senior housing non-medical. So, you could be the first to apply and get the program’s benefits whenever there is an opening.

How to Get Subsidized Senior Housing Non-Medical?

While hunting for a place, one needs to keep various factors in mind; one needs to take care of factors such as budget, facilities that the house offers, facilities that one can get surrounding the house, and many more. There is a way one can get subsidized senior housing non-medical.

One can hire an advisor to help you get subsidized senior housing non-medical. The housing industry has been uprooted regarding hiring advisors to help with housing. An advisor would help you get the expected subsidized senior housing non-medical. You can seek the help of an advisor who would prepare a list of the housing facilities that would meet your needs and budget.

If possible, the advisor would also help you with the dealings and procedures that would be required to be completed to get a subsidized senior housing non-medical.

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Sources that Provide Low-income Apartments for Senior Citizens

Income becomes a significant barrier to the passing age. As a senior citizen, your income would not be as much as you earned in your youth. Sometimes, it might also happen that it would get hard to make ends meet.

In this condition, paying handsome rent is impossible for the elderly. This would result in eviction from the house. Various governmental and non-governmental organizations have initiated providing low-income apartments for senior citizens to prevent this from happening to the older generation.

These organizations have been listed here. You can reach out to them for help. They would provide you with professional guidance regarding low-income apartments for senior citizens programs run by them.

low-income apartments for senior citizens

1. The Salvation Army:

Whenever one needs assistance from an organization, the first name that pops up in our minds is the salvation army. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that has worked for the community’s and its people’s welfare for years. It provides various kinds of services, out of which housing assistance is one.

It is a national non-profit organization. Its services can be availed from any part of the entire United States of America. It provides housing to the homeless, elders, veterans, and single mothers. One can get senior citizen apartments based on income through this organization. There are 3 types of subsidized senior housing non-medical provided by this organization. Homeless housing, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing.

These programs help the elderly who have been evicted or are on the verge of eviction by providing them with low-income apartments for senior citizens.

To get apartments for seniors based on income, an applicant would be required to fill out an application form on their website, or one can go to their office and fill it out physically. They would then provide you with a list of subsidized senior housing non-medical based on your requirements and income.

2. Catholic Charities

Like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities is known for providing low-income apartments for senior citizens. This nationwide organization has provided apartments for seniors based on income for over a decade.

This organization has established approximately 35,000 units under their low-income apartments for senior citizens program. All the properties the organization provides are clean, safe, and secure.

The organization has not complained about the houses they provided to the elderly. Catholic Charities has been renowned for its housing programs. It focuses mainly on the senior population of the nation. It provides them with subsidized senior housing non-medical without any hassle of paperwork.

Their process of applying for apartments for seniors based on income has been praised as easy, quick, and straightforward. One needs to fill up an online application form and specify the requirements. They would then scrape out the houses suiting your need and allow you one that best suits your needs.

3. Veterans Association:

If you are a senior citizen and a veteran as well, then this organization is the go-to place for you. Veterans Association helps those veterans who have returned home after serving the nation. They provide veterans and their families with food, shelter, and clothing.

You can apply to the organization to get apartments for seniors based on income. Retired from serving the nation, it takes a bit of time for veterans to find a job, and during this period, they also need to pay the rent of the house they are living in. If not paid on time, there hovers a risk of getting evicted.

This is when the VA comes into action. One can apply for housing assistance at VA organization, and they would provide you with suitable apartments for the elderly. They are designed for seniors and veterans who need more assistance and care than the rest.

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How to Get Apartments For the Elderly?

Finding apartments for the elderly is a meticulous job as it needs many things to be taken care of. Various programs and organizations have worked hard to provide the best housing facility.

Income-based apartments for the elderly have been helping the elderly for a long time. A few programs and organizations providing apartments for seniors based on income have been enlisted here.

\Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America strives to provide apartments for the elderly at an affordable price. They would accordingly find you a house meeting all your needs.

Their properties are clean, hygienic, safe, and secure. They maintain their properties well. Any senior searching for a temporary or permanent housing facility can contact this organization and describe the problem. They provide these apartments for seniors based on income all over the United States of America.

1. Accessible Appartments:

Accessible Apartments are the best option to seek help from if you do not wish to wait on long waiting lists for renowned organizations or government programs.

It is a great way to get apartments for seniors based on income and the elderly. The agency provides low-income quickly, easily, and friendly manner.

2. Mercy Housing:

Mercy Housing is a non-profit organization that provides senior citizens with low-income apartments. It is a technologically advanced organization. It provides you with its services online.

You can search for apartments for the elderly and get hundreds of available options on their site. You can then select one from the given options, and after finishing the procedure and paperwork required, you can start living in your own house.

Places Providing Senior Citizens Apartments Low-income

Seniors comprise a significant percentage of the population of the United States of America. Providing for them is a significant task. Their financial instability can result in grave housing conditions for them. Various organizations and charities have come forward to help them by providing senior citizens apartments for low-income.

senior citizens apartments low-income

1. Churches

Often Churches help their followers with their needs by providing them with financial assistance or the resource directly. In this case, too, churches can help you find appropriate senior citizens in low-income apartments. They can guide you and refer you to organizations collaborating with the church. You can contact them for help and tell them about your condition. They would guide you accordingly.

2. The Share Program

The Share Program owns over 100 houses in Los Angeles. These houses are built to help the elderly in need. These rooms are provided to the seniors on a sharing basis for subsidized senior housing (non-medical). They provide low-income senior citizens apartments to those willing to share their rooms with others in need.

The only condition is that the applicant must have an SSI and should participate in support groups. The Share Program’s procedure is said to be the quickest when providing apartments for seniors based on income.

No deposits, no background checks, no credit checks, no paperwork, and past evictions are considered by this organization. Everyone and anyone can get a house through this program.


These apartments for seniors based on income have been a boon to many low-income elderly. The housing facility provided under the low income apartments senior citizens program has saved many seniors from homelessness. This is hassle-free, making it more accessible for the elderly to follow it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered low income for seniors in the United States?

Seniors living below 200% of the federal poverty level or at 200% of the FPL are considered low-income seniors.

What benefits are available for senior Citizens?

The senior citizen has benefits in every field like Tax Benefits, Welfare Schemes, Simpler Passport Applications, Reduced Telephone Charges, Cheaper Railway Tickets, Cheaper Air Travel Tickets; Banking made more straightforward for seniors, and Court Hearing Priority.

What state has the best low-income senior housing?

Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Idaho, Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina has the best low-income senior housing.

What age are you considered a senior citizen?

The age of senior citizens is not fixed. For example, medicare considers those aged 65+ senior citizens, whereas social security considers 62 as a senior.

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