Top 5 Churches That Help With Electric Bills

An average monthly residential electricity Bill in the United States is approximately $115. Many households struggle to pay such utility expenses. This article lists the top 5 churches that help with electric bills. They include some most famous churches across the state, namely catholic charities, salvation army, Love INC, the Jewish Federation of North America, and the United Methodist Church.

Various churches independently provide help to their followers, while others collaborate with non-profit organizations and charities that, in turn, help the needy with their electric bills.

People who cannot pay their electric bills on time and are on the verge of getting their connection cut can seek help from the churches that help with electric bills. Other places help with electric bills as well.

Churches That Help With Electric Bills

Above 380,000 churches exist in the United States of America, out of which many churches do participate in introducing special programs that help with your utility expenses, that includes the electricity bill. Although, this varies considerably based on location and the individual congregation.

churches that help pay light bill

Electricity is a vital resource. You can now get help paying your electric bills. Churches that help with electric bills have been doing a great job helping people in the community by being a helping hand in distress.

Churches not only provide sermons and religious knowledge anymore. They also offer help to their followers in their times of crisis. In addition, many churches help with light, water, and other utility bills.

Getting your electricity connection cut in these times of technology can be a disaster for all of us. However, if someone cannot pay their bill on time for financial or other reasons, they can contact the church.

Churches that help with electric bills are located anywhere and everywhere across the entire United States of America. They help people going through a financial crunch pay their electric bills and other utility bills. Read along to learn about such churches that help with light bills.

1. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities, which was initially formed to help the Cuban refugees, is now helping the citizens of the United States of America with their problems, and paying electric bills is one of them.

Though Catholic Charities is a non-profit organization, it still can be put under the church’s title that helps with electric bills. In addition, due to its affiliation with various churches, Catholic Charities can be called a helping hand equating to a church.

Churches that help with electric bills

All you need to do is locate and visit a Catholic Charities office. Tell them about your situation and how you cannot afford the electric bills. If they find you genuine and have the resources to help, they will help you. Catholic Charities is a nationwide organization. It provides its services throughout the nation.

Due to this, it might sometimes happen that not all the applicants might get the needed help. In that case, you might be asked to wait for your turn, or they would recommend you to another organization or show you other ways to pay your bills.

2. Salvation Army

Salvation Army, like Catholic Charities, is a national non-profit organization that helps the needy and the poor. When seeking help from an NPO, the first name that comes to mind is that of the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army is one of the largest organizations collaborating with churches that help with electric bills. Not only that, but the Salvation Army also helps with other utility bills and resources like food, shelter, education, clothes, job search, and many more.

Churches that help with light bills and the Salvation Army’s donations generated help those low-income families and individuals who can not pay their electric bills.

So when you find yourself in such a situation where you realize you will not be able to pay your electricity bills and your connection might soon be interrupted, you can seek help from this organization.

Being a national NPO, locating its functioning place in your city, state, or county is easy. You can visit them or check out their website for more information about their programs and schemes.

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3. Love Inc.

Love Inc. is another organization that works with churches that help with electric bills. These churches that help with light bills often seek help from non-profits like these to help more and more people in the community.

Love Inc., like others, is a nationwide organization whose main aim is to help people in distress. Love Inc. also runs a call center that is open 24/7. Due to their service, several people have been relieved of their miseries quickly and effectively.

Love inc. has branches in 134 communities and 29 states. This makes it more reachable and helpful. For example, this organization helped many people to lose their electricity.

Often these organizations are affiliated with churches that help pay light bills directly clear and settle the bill amount with the service provider. In some cases, relatively very rarely, the applicants are handed over funds to pay their bills independently.

Local Churches that Help Pay Light Bills

I just told you about churches that help with electric bills on a significant scale, i.e., national level. Now, I’ll let you know about churches that help with light bills on a smaller scale, i.e., some local churches. Local Churches may be easy to contact and quick to help. In addition, as they might not have many applicants, you might get your job done faster.

Jewish Federation of North America

Local Churches often unite with organizations like these to help the people of their kin. For example, the Jewish Federation of North America is an organization that helps people pay their utility bills.

They not only work with churches that help with light bills, but they also provide a helping hand to those in need of shelter, food, and clothes. They aspire to facilitate those who are in a crisis and cannot make ends meet.

Churches that help with light bills

They provide help to those needy families and individuals who lack funds to pay their electric bills as well as other utility bills. The Jewish Federation of North America works with various churches that help pay light bill. You can contact your church and churches in your town or city to inquire about their affiliation with the organization. If they are affiliated with the organization, you would be provided the help you seek.

United Methodist Church

Talking about churches that help pay light bills, The United Methodist Church is at the top list of locations. The United Methodist Church is known to help the oppressed class of people.

You can seek help from this organization affiliated with various churches that help with electric bills to pay off your expenses. You can contact them and learn about all the schemes and programs they run to help low-income families and individuals pay off their electric bills.

Places That Help With Electric Bills

Apart from the churches that help with light bills, other places also help with electric bills. But unfortunately, churches that help with electric bills might not always have the resources to help you.

Churches that help pay light bills, though working in collaboration with various NPOs, still do not have an unlimited amount of resources. Hence, knowing about other places is advisable.

One of the most certain places that help with electric bills is your family. One can always go to family members for help. You can ask them to lend you some money with which you can settle the amount of your electric bill.

This way, you can quickly return the money to them, and you would not even have to go and seek help from external sources. You can also ask your friends to lend you some funds so that you can enjoy your electricity connection without any interruption.

You can organize a garage sale to generate money. With this money, you can pay your bills; if there is anything left after paying the bills, you can save it for the future. In addition, garage sales or yard sales can be beneficial in times of crisis. You can give away the stuff you no longer use and earn money to fulfill your needs.

Your own house can help you generate extra income. Another way to get help with your bills is to take up a different job or the second job. These and other places that help with electric bills can be helpful in crucial times.

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Churches that help with electric bills have been a savior for many low-income families and individuals. They have not only saved its members from getting deprived of electricity, but they have also helped in other unspoken ways. In these crucial times, when everything is made to be done from one single place, it gets harder to save on electricity.


How do I ask my church for financial help?

See the official website of the church; there might be a link to help or any other service available that can be helpful to you. In addition, you can visit church physically; after explaining your situation, they might help you.

Which church can help me financially?

Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul are the most reliable churches and charities that help every needy.

How can I get help paying my bills in Louisiana?

You can take help from government programs like LIHEAP and WAP for utility bills. Besides this, you can arrange meetings with non-profits and Churches that are also helping the needy and low-income.

How do I get utility assistance in Georgia?

There are many Electric and Gas Programs in Georgia. To get help from one of them, you must contact your Local Community Action Agency at 404.656.

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