Essential Food Truck Equipment List 2024

As we are aware of the fact that food trucks are small. You can’t stuff all your kitchen equipment into a limited space. So, rather than stuffing all your essential equipment in a truck. You can operate a restaurant kitchen and put the finishing touches on dishes in the food truck. Here, we guide you with an essential food truck equipment list that you need the most for your food truck business plan.

To run a successful food truck business plan, it is crucial to figure out what food truck equipment you need to operate. Additionally, consider the maintenance of essential machines, replacing fragile or single-use items, and kitchen equipment costs for food trucks. In this article, we brief you on everything about the essential equipment list for your success in your food truck business. Read along!

What Food Truck Equipment Do You Need?

Everything you need to serve your customer is essential equipment. And the other equipment that you will need while cooking dishes completely depends on the kind of food you want to serve your customer. Additionally, you should consider the steps of preparation you will do in the food truck.

food truck equipment

Here is a basic list of kitchen equipment for food trucks is mentioned below. So, food truck equipment includes:

Freezers or Refrigerators
Ice Maker
Food Prep Equipment
Range, Ventilation, and Grills
Flat Range
Gas Range
Small-Space Ventilation
Food Prep Surfaces
Cutting boards
Mixing bowls
Food processors
Pots and pans
Safety Equipment
Storage containers and shelving
First Aid Kit
Bar rags
Food-grade chemical supplies
Compartment Sinks
Table service essentials
KDS Kitchen Display System
Handwashing Sinks
Disposal Sinks
Restaurant Point of Sale System
Paper boats, plates, and clamshells
Data labels
Chemical safety data sheets

7 Things To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Equipment For Food Truck

There are a few things that you should consider before buying kitchen equipment for food truck. You have to outfit your food truck with everything to assemble those things to make food. Write down all the food truck equipment that you need to make dishes from start to finish. You can also apply for government grants for food trucks if you have financial issues.

kitchen equipment for food truck

Now, approach to select the best equipment to buy for your truck. Carefully do this so it will save your time and effort as the food truck equipment keeps your business running smoothly. We recommend you buy high-quality equipment that is reliable and easy to maintain. Now, consider these things before buying kitchen equipment for food truck mentioned below.


Your kitchen equipment for food truck is one of the biggest investments. And it plays an essential role in your food truck’s operation and ability to get profit. So, make sure you choose high-quality food truck equipment that is durable.


Space is the crucial factor to buy any kitchen equipment for food truck. Because you won’t be able to build a full industrial kitchen in your food truck. Pick only the equipment that is necessary to prepare the food item on your menu. And be sure with the model you buy fits into your plan and space in your food truck.

Planning Your Kitchen

Working in a kitchen that hasn’t been designed and meant for cooking is frustrating, time-consuming and even makes an impact on the service quality and profit. Consider and seek advice from a kitchen planning consultant who will guide you according to your menu and service style. Additionally, they may also advise you to select the necessary kitchen equipment for food truck to run your business smoothly.

Use & Cleaning

Equipment is worthwhile when it’s easy to use and maintain. Consider how comfortable the food truck equipment is to use, how well it performs its functions, and how you would get it clean. Train your staff to clean and maintain it daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure the maximum use of it.


To run any business smoothly you need to have healthy relationships with your suppliers. Many food truck equipment requirements get fulfilled by these suppliers. And food truck business is built on relationships. That’s why your relationship with your suppliers is crucial to be good. In many towns and cities, local restaurants supply stores that provide kitchen equipment for food trucks at wholesale prices.

Additionally, the best suppliers will provide you with the promised technology, engineering, and safety of the food truck equipment they sell. They also provide installation, maintenance with repair services.


Pricing is another crucial thing to consider before buying kitchen equipment for food truck. While budgeting to purchase food truck equipment, prioritize the quality by analyzing how important the equipment is for the food processor.

Financing or Leasing

Financing and leasing the food truck equipment list can be a good option to get your business started on low risk until you are sure the model will succeed.

How Much Will Food Truck Equipment List Cost You?

Buying a food truck equipment list will cost you anywhere from $25,000 – $100,000 to furnish your new food truck business with all the necessary equipment. Whether buying used food truck equipment and investing in maintenance might lower your overhead and recurring equipment expenses. Consider the restaurant financing options and it will keep your finances flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth owning a food truck?

Ans: If you are looking for a money-making business idea then the food truck is a great one. A successful food truck can bring more than $500,000 per year.

How profitable is a food truck?

Ans: Food trucks make an average of $250,000 – $500,000 annually and monthly make $20,000 – $42,000.

Which vehicle is best for a food truck?

Ans: Step vans have been used for a variety of purposes over the years. But they have recently achieved popularity as the best vehicles for food trucks.


The food truck business is a good idea to make some profits. This business is getting famous nowadays. But without a food truck equipment list, it is nothing. You have to make a good plan to execute it and have a profitable business. In this article, we discussed in brief about food truck equipment that you need. And a few tips to consider before buying any kitchen equipment for food truck. You may also consult an expert to get a better plan for food truck equipment requirements.

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