Free Cars For College Students Programs

Buying a car is every college student’s dream. But this commodity costs a fortune and being college students, they can not afford it. Thus, there are free cars for college students programs that provide free cars for college students. These programs often help students who are forced to travel by public transportation. Many students fall sick due to constant commutation. For students who go walking every day to college and other places where they work, free cars for college students programs are very helpful.

If you wish to buy your car and not be dependent on any organization to buy it for you then there are car grants for students you can apply for. There is an option for used cars for college students. They can get themselves second-hand cars as they are more suitable for them. They are cheap and used which means you can get a vehicle that gives good mileage. You can apply for free cars for college students programs run by the government and can get yourself a car for free from the taxes that you pay.

How to get free cars for college students?

Cars are an essential commodity and for a college student, it is not only a necessity but also a fashion statement. One can go on trips and vacations apart from using it as a commodity for completing your part-time jobs. A car benefits a student in many different ways. Hence, a student must possess a car during his/her college times. Free cars for college students programs are very useful to those students who wish to buy a car but are incapable of doing so due to their financial conditions.

free cars for college students programs
Free cars for college students

There are various ways to get free cars for college students. One can apply to a local government body regarding the need for a car and get guidance regarding the same. Federal and state government provides free cars for college students under their free cars for college students programs. The State Car Assistance Program is a program that can help you get the car of your dreams. It is a state-specific program and many students apply to this program. It helps students on first come first serve basis. So, if your state comes under this program and you are lucky enough to get elected for the program then you might end up with a free car for yourself.

Under the scholarship programs run by the government, free cars for college students are provided. These scholarships are given to those students whose grades are good and have got a recommendation letter from the dean or the principal. The government officials would check your grades and if you are found eligible you would be awarded a free car or scholarship amount with which you could buy yourself a car.

Places that run free cars for college students programs:

If you don’t get any help from the government you can always search at other places to get yourself a free car. There are some charity organizations and non-profits that help college students get a vehicle for transportation for free. Some of them function nationwide while some are area specific. For instance, there are organizations like 1-800-Charity Cars that work tirelessly and provide their services throughout the entire United States of America.

You can apply to organizations like these to get yourself a car under free cars for college students programs run by them. Often there are eligibility criteria that are needed to be fulfilled before applying for help. Different organizations have different eligibility criteria and if you are applying to all of them then you need to fulfil all the criteria set by all these organizations. But some criteria are common for all and these criteria are:

  1. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  2. He/She should be of 18 years or above.
  3. The applicant should not be a drug addict.
  4. He/ She shouldn’t be visually impaired.
  5. He/ She should hold a valid driver’s license approved by the state.
  6. He/SHe should have a job that could pay for the maintenance of the car and other things like fuel and servicing.

If you fulfil these criteria then half of your problems are solved. You can easily get yourself a car from various charity organizations that are always ready to help students who need assistance. Some of these charities are listed below:


Carangel is a non-profit organization where fortunate students help the less fortunate ones. People who are paid well and have amazing jobs volunteer here to help those students who can not afford to buy themselves a car. A student with good grades and aspiration to gain higher education is always welcomed here and is given preference. The volunteer helps the applicant get a decent car. This is done only on one condition and that is that the applicant should have a steady job that generates income regularly.

This way he/she would be able to pay back the amount of money the volunteer spent on them. It also helps the poor and the needy by assisting them with basic needs. You can apply on their website and get to know more about free cars for college students programs.

  • Free Charity

It is a non-profit organization that helps less-fortunate students to get what they need and deserve. It offers free cars for college students under their free cars for college students programs. Under this program, it provides students with a second-hand car or brand new car for free. You just need to contact them and ask them for help. You need to tie legitimate reasons for not being able to buy a car on your own and if they find it convincing then you might get yourself a free car.

  • Purple Foundation:

Purple Foundation is one of the best organizations that offer free cars for college students programs. It not only provides you with a free car but also helps them get it insured. They would take care of your car’s insurance every month if you can pay them the insurance amount every month. It provides free cars or Employed cars which are generally not free but they provide them for free to college students who exhibit a dire need for it. All you need to do is contact them and describe your needs and they will deliver to you the best car that would suit your needs.

  • Vehicles for Change:

Vehicles for Change helps needy students who are low-income and cannot afford to buy a brand new or a second-hand car. It provides used cars to college students at low prices. These vehicles given away by them are donated by generous people and are refurbished for the use of other people. One can not directly contact them and ask for help. You need to be referred to by a social service to enjoy their services. The eligibility criterion is that the applicant must have a steady job where he/she works for at least 30 hours a week.

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Who offers cars for college students programs?

Cars for college students programs are offered by many agencies. Some of them are for-profit while most of them are non-profit organizations. Often people go to the government first for any kind of assistance needed. For assistance with transportation too, we always think of how our government would benefit us. Apart from getting help from the government, one can get free cars for college students from various other sources. Some of them are listed below.

Free cars for college students
Free cars for college students
  • Companies selling automobiles:

Often companies like Ford and Volkswagen offer free cars for college students programs. Under these programs, college students who purchase a vehicle or buy a vehicle on lease are provided with an incentive of $750 along with the purchase. They understand that after buying books and paying for the hostel rent one isn’t left with any money to get themselves a ride of their own to college and public transport is sometimes very tiring. Sometimes it happens that students opt not to go to college due to the mode of transportation they need to choose to reach the college.

For students like these, they have lucrative and money-saving programs that provide free cars for college students. The benefits of these programs can be availed by those students who are running low on cash and need a car urgently to commute. A recommendation from the principal and proof of grades is all that is needed to apply for such programs. You just need to fill the form and submit the necessary documents and wait for their call. If you get selected for the program you would be informed as to when can you get your free car.

  • Promotional jobs:

Promotional jobs are ones where you advertise the products of a given company in various ways. These jobs are offered by various companies. Sometimes they even offer you a car to use with their ad painted all over the car. This car would roam around the entire town because of you and this way you would end up with a free car and extra cash from the job and the companies would be able to get their advertisement done without using much labor.

You can check online for such companies who need volunteers for such jobs. You might not get paid sometimes as you are given a mode of transportation. These little details should be worked out by you before you take up the job.

  • Taxi Services:

Driving a taxi isn’t a shameful or menial job now. You can take up a job at a taxi service company. This way you can earn extra bucks while getting a ride for your college. You can earn a little more with the tips that the passengers leave for you. It is a great opportunity to get free cars for college students. All you need is a valid driver’s license and knowledge of the vehicle in case of a breakdown. If the car breaks down you can tackle the situation if it is a minor glitch with the knowledge you possess about the machinery and its working process.

Taxi services can be termed as free cars for college students programs because it provides free cars to needy students and on top of it, it also allows them to generate income from the vehicle provided to them.

Where to get Car Grants for Students?

For students who would not wish to get free cars through free cars for college students programs, they can get themselves a car that is owned by them and which is purchased by them with their own hard-earned money. There are car grants for students who wish to buy their car from their money. These car grants for students allow them to buy the car of their dreams based on their skills and intelligence. Car grants for students that have effectively helped numerous students have been listed here:

  • Car Loans for Students:

This is possibly the most effective way to afford a car. These car loans are not like the regular loans these loans are comparatively softer. They are for those low-income students whose income is limited. You still need to repay the debt amount but the interest rate and the tenor would be beneficial to the applicant. The interest rates are quite low compared to the traditional car loans and the tenor to repay the debt is also quite flexible.

used cars for college students programs
Free charity cars for college students programs

One can apply for such loans if he/she is a low-income citizen and/or a TANF recipient. One such car grant for students is the Good Wheels Loan Program which is available for students studying in Maine. There are other such free cars for low income college students all over the United States of America. One can locate such car grants for students in their city or town and apply for it after checking its eligibility criteria and whether or not he/she fits into these criteria. Generally, the loan amount provided to the students under this program is roughly $5,000 which they can pay back in bits and pieces according to the payment plan selected for them.

  • Federal Grants:

The Federal Government provides a series of transportation and automobile grants every year for people who can not afford to buy themselves a decent working vehicle. These grants are distributed among state and non-profits so that they can help those in their vicinity. These grants are offered to veterans, elderly, single moms, and college students who provide proof of low-income.

These free cars for low income college students are generally provided on a first come first serve basis due to their lack of resources. You can keep a check on the grants website of the federal government. They may not have car grants for students that are suitable for you right now but if you regularly keep checking the site you might get what you want soon.

  • State Grants:

The state government has set up a Grantsmanship Centre which has helped numerous people till now. It helps students by locating potential car grants in their respective states. Every state has a centre like this and you can visit their site or go to their office to get information regarding car grants for students that might be beneficial to you.

It helps you with a state-by-state listing of grants providing foundations and other agencies like corporates that provide grants programs on their website. You can keep a check on their website to get car grant suitable to you. You can primarily search for car grants for students in your state and gradually expand your area of search to other states that provide car grants for students.

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Things to keep in mind while buying used cars for college students

Buying used cars for college students is a task of great effort. One needs to keep several things in mind while buying a used car. What mileage will it give? What kind of safety measures are provided in the car? What kind of speed will suit you? If the engine is in working condition? These are some of the basic things to keep in mind while one is off to purchase a used car.

A car that gives good mileage is suitable for a college student because he/she has to travel long distances every day for college and job and other important work. Used cars for college students are a great and cheap option as being college students, they are not paid very well and almost all their money goes in books, food, and rent. Thus, used cars for college students are affordable and pocket friendly.

Safety and hygiene are to be kept in mind while buying used cars for college students. People who must have used the car before you might or might not have kept the atmosphere of the car hygienic and clean. Thus while buying used cars for college students, one should always run a hygiene check on the car before buying it. If that is not taken care of, it might pose various serious health problems.

The next thing to check for while buying used cars for college students is safety measures. Not all cars are armed with airbags that protect the passengers during an accident. One must always inquire about the safety measures provided in the car before buying whether it is a used one or a new one. One should also get educated about the insurance policy taken for the car. One should know the clauses and pros and cons of the insurance policy taken for the used car to be bought. Thus, these are some of the things to keep in mind while buying used cars for college students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Student Buy a Car with no Money?

Scholar students can easily get lower-interest loans. If students don’t want to pay monthly pay then students can also ask help from non-profits, charities, and churches for help.

What Companies give you Free cars?

Good News Garage, Vehicles for Change, 1-800 Charity Cars,, Cars4christmas, Cars4heroes, and Are giving cars to the qualified contestants.

How can broken College Students afford Cars?

A college student who is broke can afford a second-hand car or else if that student is smart in studies and have great then many non-profits and the government is giving lower interest loans. Some of them even provide free cars to college students.

Can college Students Afford a car?

Yes, maybe. It depends on the student. If one is rich then he/she can easily afford a car or if one has a great part-time job but the poor can also afford a car. However, It is not easy.


Cars are a necessity for college students as it not only helps in commuting but for some, it might also become the sole source of income. These free cars for college students programs mentioned above have been a blessing to thousands of college students until now. The car grants provided by various NPOs and the government have saved several students from falling sick due to exhaustion.

The programs that offer used cars for college students are not only helping students commute better but are also helping them earn and save a few extra bucks for other important resources. All these programs have benefitted more than a million college students until now. For further information, you can contact us or visit the websites of the respective above-mentioned organizations.

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