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Free internet service for disabled is one of the best kinds of help that is being done to the people of this community. Everyone needs access to free and unlimited internet. Fortunately, there are a few providers that provide free internet service for the disabled. Access to free internet has been made possible by various broadband providers and multi-national companies. They have been working together on this and have been successful in introducing plans and schemes to provide free internet for the disabled.

Get Free Internet Service For Disabled

Various broadband providers have introduced plans facilitating the needs of the people with special needs. They aspire to provide free internet service for disabled through various means.

Free internet service for the disabled
Free internet service for disabled
  • FreedomPop:

FreedomPop provides uninterrupted free internet services for the disabled. FreedomPop is a rookie in this field and hence is constantly in search of big towers and service providers. Currently, it is working in collaboration with Sprint to provide free internet for the disabled. You can opt for its services by visiting their website or contacting them personally. You can tell them about your problems and wait for their response. FreedomPop is a revolutionary provider in its field. It is the first one to provide completely free mobile plans to its subscribers or users.

  • Spectrum Internet Assist:

Spectrum works to provide free internet to everyone in society. It wishes to provide high-speed free internet for the disabled. The best thing about opting Spectrum Internet Assist is that you don’t need to sign any contracts and you would get uninterrupted internet service without the fear of any data caps. If you are signed up for any low-cost lunch programs or SNAP then it gets easier for you to avail of the benefits of this program. You can check out their website for further detailed information.

  • Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications:

Lifeline works in collaboration with multiple service providers that provide free internet service for disabled. Lifeline primarily provides telecom services for free or at low-cost to its subscribers. The subscribers who avail the benefits of the free telecom services of this program are also free to apply for free broadband services that are provided by the partnering or collaborating companies.

  • EveryoneOn:

EveryoneOn is a non-profit organization that wishes to connect people and provide better social and economic opportunities. What began as a pilot program is now a successful internet provider that has connected over 6,00,000 people to the internet. It aspires to connect more and more people and help them by showing them the wonders of the internet life. They provide free internet service for disabled along with the training of digital literacy. It also runs digital awareness programs for the elderly and people who are not connected to the internet yet.

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  • Google Fiber:

Google Fiber is one of the fastest internet providers. You can download, surf, stream, and do many more things on the internet at lightning-fast speed with the help of Google Fiber. Google fiber provides low-cost internet for the disabled. No installation fees, rental fees, or any other hidden fees are charged from subscribers by the company. You can choose from their meticulously curated plans according to your needs.

The plans are flexible and are user-friendly which makes it easier for a new subscriber to settle in. No interruptions or network issues are faced by the subscribers once the plan is activated. The plans are provided to the subscribers at very affordable prices. You can check out their plans and policies on their official website.

  • AT&T:

As said earlier, SNAP benefits internet accessibility too.  If you are a SNAP applicant and live in California then this program is just the right choice for you. AT&T is providing free internet service for disabled. Its Internet Access program allows friends and family to stay close with the help of digital networks. Its free internet for the disabled programs facilitates the disabled to find new job opportunities, helps them stay connected with their loved ones, and provides them a comfortable everyday life.

  • BroadbandNow:

BroadBandNow is a platform that provides you with all the information about providers that provide free internet for the disabled or internet service at low-cost. BroadbandNow has been in this field for years. It has all the information you might need to select an appropriate internet plan for you. Years of serious searching and data collection have made BroadbandNow what it is today. From internet providers to plans to prices all the information is available on this platform. You can also compare plans to get a hint about which one suits your needs the best.

  • Comcast:

Comcast is a pilot program that provides free internet service for disabled. It provides low-cost internet for the disabled and seniors. Its plans start from $10/month. These plans include home wifi, a free computer, and training to operate both the services provided. Eligible applicants are required to fill an application form online after which the company will decide whether or not will be provided the benefits of the program. These free internet services for the disabled programs are currently provided to hundreds of people around the nation.

You too can apply to avail the benefits of this program. You just need to fulfill a few basic criteria like being a citizen of the United States of America, proof of disability, and proof of low-income. You can visit their site for more information.

  • Mediacom:

Mediacom is an income-based program set up to provide internet services for affordable prices. It provides internet services for $9/month and it is providing nearly free internet service for disabled. It comes with no installation fees, no extra charges, or no rental fees.

To be eligible for this program you must have at least one kid at home that is eligible for or has signed up for NSLP or is studying in grades K 12. Also, you should not be a subscriber of this program from before. If you are then you might not get the said benefits of the program. Mediacom provides high-speed, uninterrupted free internet service for the disabled.

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Benefits Of Free Internet For The Disabled

The Internet has become the most important service provided to men these days. The world meets on one platform at the same time and that platform is the internet. Not only is it used for entertainment, but it also provides useful information to the needy. Free internet for the disabled has several benefits for the people of this community. Some of them have been listed here.

free internet for the disabled

  • Helps Stay Connected:

Often people wish to stay alone, but in times of need or emergencies, it gets difficult to reach out to people for help in certain situations. In situations like these apps that can help you locate a person or his or her activities can be quite helpful. These apps function on proper internet. Free internet for the disabled provides access to the disabled and their families to stay connected.

They can learn to communicate through various apps that function on the internet. This can help them in various ways. They can strengthen their personal and social relationships that have been long lost. They can learn to use various social media applications which would make it easier for them to stay in touch with their close ones. Various apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. have been launched which not only helps them connect with their loved ones but also provides them an opportunity to meet new people of the same mindset or thought processes. This way they can expand their friend circle and relive some precious moments with their friends and family while creating new ones with the newly formed friendships.

  • Provides better opportunities:

Getting a job that suits you is a difficult task. It gets more difficult when you are differently-abled. Free internet for the disabled opens the gates of different and varied job opportunities for the disabled. They can search for jobs that suit their condition. There are various sites like Linkedin and others that provide you a list of job openings that best fit your condition based on your qualifications and skills.

These sites and other platforms like social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook often are full of jobs that can be opted by the disabled. Even these apps have special features related to jobs where people can post ads to employ and to get employed. Free internet for the disabled allows them to find work on their terms and conditions. Jobs that they are comfortable in are sought for them over the Internet.

  • Helps them to get essentials for daily need:

Being disabled doesn’t mean you have to be stuck up in a place while others provide for you. The times have changed now. Now, everyone can become independent. No one needs to be dependant on anyone for smaller things like groceries or medicines.

Thanks to free internet service for disabled, now they can order these items of daily need easily through just one click. Apps and sites have been launched which provide various essentials at your doorstep. One can order readymade food, groceries, medicines, and other resources of daily need easily from these apps.

Apps like Foodpanda and NetMeds provide such services where you just need to fill in your prescription once or your order for desired food once and they will deliver it to you in no time. You can also summon people to get your house cleaned, or get yourself groomed online nowadays. All you need to do is just visit their site and type in your needs and they will send a professional to fulfill your needs.

  • Can get professional help online regarding their problems:

Free internet service for disabled can work wonders for them. They can easily get anything whatever they wish for, even a doctor’s help. Nowadays, even the doctor’s have taken a different route to cure their patients. There are apps to suffice the same purpose. Apps like Practo helps people contact the area’s best professionals.

They take in your medical details and geographical details at the time of your signing up. These details are then used to provide the best results for your problem that you enter in.

They, most of the times try and give you solutions that wouldn’t want you to take any stress. Yet, if your case is quite critical, it is only then that you would be asked to come and visit the doctor once. This is one of the best benefits of having free internet service for disabled. Getting medical help at your doorstep is one of the best things that can be done for a differently-abled person.

Also, entertainment is a huge benefit that can be taken into consideration when it comes to free internet for the disabled. Free internet service for disabled allows them to surf the internet as much as they want. It also allows them to watch movies and series that are streamed online. This can be said to be the most important and fun benefit of getting free internet service for the disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free way to get internet?

Yes, the FCC program free or reduced-cost internet to the disabled, low-income students, and single moms.

What is SSI internet?

SSI means Supplemental Security Income. If any family has a member who is welcoming SSI, then he or she can receive discounted internet service.

Will the Government Pay for my internet?

If your family revenue is at or below 200% of the federal deprivation line, then you are eligible to get free or discounted internet. The government will surely help you.

How do I Get Internet with SNAP Benefits?

If you are eligible and receiving SNAP benefits then you can have $9.25 to $30 per month discount or grant on the internet bill.


Providing free internet service for the disabled is one of the best steps taken by the telecommunication industry. It facilitates the disabled in so many ways. It provides them a sense of independence. Access to the internet world and training on how to use it correctly has been a great help to the community. The free internet for the disabled program launched by several broadband companies has changed the lives of many up till now.

The low-cost plans and affordable internet services provided to these folks have been a great benefactor to them. If you are differently-abled or if you know someone like that then you can apply for these programs and check out their plans. You can select a plan of your choice and enjoy free high-speed uninterrupted internet for the rest of the time. For further information, you can visit the sites of respective programs and companies.

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