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Have you ever thought that you would get paid to talk to lonely people? Of course, no, but the answer is yes! Getting paid to talk is an almost unbelievable situation, but people get paid for it. And if you are also looking for such an opportunity: ‘get paid to chat,’ you are on the right page.

It is an excellent advantage for people who are looking for work-from-home offers. You will get a job, and the person on another end gets someone to talk to and solve loneliness.

You might question why someone get paid to chat app than my friend people are craving social interaction, but they didn’t get any leads, so they are ready to pay for this work. Also, it is not wrong to give a friendly ear to people who want to talk. It is like a customer service role where you listen to and answer people’s queries.

Also, it is easy to earn extra money by working from home. What else you want? It requires all essential devices like pc/laptop, a good internet connection, and maybe headphones for more exact sound.

If you don’t have headphones, go and grab it as someone pays you for the chat and talk. Pick noise-canceling headphones. No matter wired or Bluetooth. So, let’s start with how to get paid to talk to lonely people.

How To Make Money Chatting Online?

1. Talk To Lonely Guys For Money

Many companies offer paid chat work legally. Here you have to chat with one of the customers. When we talk to customer care with our problem and representative talk with you, understand your issue and reply to you. You have to do the same, but instead of some product or technical issue, you have to handle people, problems, and emotions.

talk to lonely guys for money

One such name that comes to the top of our list is Swagbucks to get paid to chat online with men. As soon as you signup, they will offer you $10. And with regular work, you will get more such surprises.
Swagbucks is a highly reputable name. It also offers your welcome bonus gift. From here, you can make online money in different legitimate ways.

2. Amazon Chat Support

Amazon’s customer service chat associate role includes conversations with customers. Here you have to solve their queries like when the product will be delivers, why the delivery is delayed, where is my product, and other purchase-related questions.

If you are a user of Amazon’s app, you have at least used this feature for one time, and some person replies to you for your concerns. It means this job pays you for a chat.

It is a full time or part-time job role in which you have to work from home. You can work on weekends or holidays when amazon’s delivery is at its peak, like Christmas.

In some instances, they will offer you a job in a specific country. It means you have to chat in English or their native language to get paid. Don’t worry; they will offer you a job role according to your knowledge. Why is it so? Amazon is a global company, and its reach is far away than we think. So if you get an opportunity to work with amazon, grab it.

3. Work With Apple

Apple’s at home advisors provides almost similar service to Amazon’s customer care service. It means when you have any queries or problems, you can call or reach the team for the problem. The customer representatives will answer you and offer you help.

Apple offers full-time and part-time job roles. And the best part of the payment is that they provide you an iMac and headset to answer the question. You can access employee discounts and other career opportunities as an Apple representative. It is one of the best ways to return your career to the right path.

4. work as Accolade Support

Accolade Support is a service provider company. It offers call center services to other companies. For example, XYZ company takes Accolade support; then, when any customer calls XYZ company, he/she is talking to someone working for Accolade.

Accolade offer complete support who choose them as a service provider. Different companies have different products and hence different needs. It means that Accolade support has to choose different roles for various companies.

It offers roles like a telemarketer, technical support, sales roles, and customer service representative. Depends on your position, you will get paid to chat app.

For example, you will get about $12/hour as a customer service representative and handling inbound calls. For the sales and telemarketing, you will go up to $100/sale. It is more like a commission-based job where you have to call potential clients and convince them to purchase products or services.

5. Work In Asurion

If you like to do tech chat or other, you can look at Asurion to make money chatting online. It is a technical and other related service provider company that offers tech, insurance, smartphone, and consumer appliances service to the third party.

Significant customer support is a part of Asurion, and hence they are always in need of a worker who is ready to do the work. A person gets paid to chat with customers in return for the job. It has more than 19000 employees in 49 countries. You will indeed find one for you.

The minimum age limit is 16 years, so you can apply even as a teen if you are interested.

6. The Chat Shop

The chat shop is another outsourcing company that offers its site service. It is similar to Accolade, which answers the queries of the related companies’ customers.

Mainly they have three departments; sales, tech support, and customer service. The significant part is it is not only a US-based company. You can chat online from the UK or others and get paid for the chat.

Yes, to take part, you have to fulfill some requirements. You need two computers, typing speed of 65 WPM, accuracy above 97%, commitment for 16-32 hrs/week, and others.

They pay you at least £9.97/hour for the UK and $11.90/hr for the USA.

Some Other Ways To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

If you love to talk with other people and you have an extravert personality, you can earn money with your skill. Yes, you read it correctly!! You can get paid to talk to lonely men. It is an excellent opportunity to earn money nonchalantly. You need to be open-minded and listen to these people.

get paid to talk to lonely people
get paid to talk to lonely people

There are so many online apps where you will get paid to chat with men. On many platforms, the situation is straightforward, where you have to listen to others’ problems and suggest some advice. In exchange for your friendly ear, you will be get paid.

However, you may require expertise or detailed knowledge on some platforms to earn money because people ask questions about a specific thing that you can’t answer without expertise. On some get paid to chat app, people only offer money to women who can listen to and talk to them.

So, you need to read the requirements and charges before signing up. If you don’t think you are suitable for one platform, you should consider the other options. If you don’t know much about this, don’t worry. If you want to get paid to talk to lonely people, continue to read further to understand how and from where you can earn.

1. Fiverr

You should know that Fiverr is not the kind of app where you will get paid to talk to lonely people. However, there are many other ways to earn money on this platform. You can take advantage of many companies that use Fiverr for promotion. So, these companies provide some services like;

  • Conducting a practice job interview and suggest some tips for improvement.
  • You can send a message as a third party to busy people like a remote secretary, a university professor, a guy/girl who wants to date, and many others.
  • Listen to others’ problems, show empathy, and give some advice.
  • Be a psychic.
  • Working as a relationship advisor or sports coach.
  • You can provide any creative and appealing service people expect to find on Fiverr.

    The rates will vary for each service. It starts at $5 and goes up to the limit of customers. If you are only talking or the party is not interested in your services, you will not be paid more.

  • You should search on similar platforms, get inspiration from different things, and create your innovative service. You can provide efficient services if you offer a service in your expertise area

2. JustAnswer

It is a platform that provides services like other apps mentioned in this article; however, the service area differs from other apps.

On this platform, people ask questions about various fields to the experts. Users ask their genuine queries or doubts,, and experts clarify the topic. People ask the question from areas like;

  • Mechanics 
  • Legal Practitioners 
  • Tax and finance advisors 
  • Doctors, nurses, and vets
  • Electricians 
  • Plumbers

You will get answers to electrical appliances like TV, PC, phone, laptop, etc. On this platform, people ask a question on specific things. So, you can answer these questions if you have expertise in any of the above skills.

The pay scale depends on the total number of accepted answers. You can earn a maximum of $30 per response, and to redeem this money, you must make a minimum of $20 in your account. The funds will be transferred through PayPal.

3. Premium.Chat

You can talk to anyone on Premium. Chat and get paid to chat with them. It offers a service where you can speak to someone with some name in their chosen industry. People like coaches, consultants, and experts from any field offer services and provide paid chat sessions. These are some experts that can use this tool;

  • Professional Consulting or Coaching sessions 
  • Counseling appointments 
  • The change to talk to your favorite influence 
  • Modeling¬†

You can select the time per your availability and fee structure. The fee structure can be a flat fee per session or a minute charge.

It is an excellent opportunity for business person to share their knowledge with aspiring startups and earn money by providing suggestions and tips. You can set all the terms of services and fee structure.

4. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a great platform and has a centralized call center for other companies. These companies can use these call centers as per their customer service needs.

It means that you can be employed to address customer queries or be a part of the sales team; it means you will receive customer queries and make calls to make deals with customers. The most exciting part is that you don’t have to come to the office. Even from the very first day, you can work from home.

It is not mandatory to do this full work time; you can do work your time. So, it is very flexible. You can earn between $10 to $15 per hour, including the sales role. So, it’s not a commission-based job. You will be paid as per the hours you talk to the actual people.

It means you will be paid to chat with other people, so if you have the skills to talk with strangers and make the conversation long, you will be earning more. The more you talk, the more you will earn.

5. Friend PC

If you are looking for friends and love to talk with strangers, FriendPC offers you an opportunity. You will get paid to chat with others and make them friends. You can use any communication mode, including text messages, online calls, chat rooms, or even regular phone calls.

Most users are genuine because they have to pay some money when they sign up for this site. So, you know that they are legit users.

However, it is free for people signing up to get paid to talk to lonely people. You will earn between $15 to $50 per hour. The average earning on this platform is around $20.

You can also teach new skills to others who want to learn new things. FriendPC also offers these services. You can hire a life coach or tutor for mentoring. FriendPC is a great way to earn more cash if you have any exceptional talent or skill.

6. Chat Recruit

This app is exclusively for women who will get paid to chat online with men. It also offers Phone Psychic service. You can also use a webcam to make chatting more interactive, but it is not mandatory if you are not comfortable with a webcam.

It’s a great app to earn while chatting. You can talk via text message, online call, or even regular call. You can talk to anyone, and there are no time constraints.

Make sure your age must be at least 18 years old.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you can use this app from any corner of the earth. You will be paid about $2 for every chat time minute.

7. Chat Operator Jobs

If you are uncomfortable talking to people to make money without even face-to-face conversion, then you should look at ChatOperatorJobs. It is a legit platform where you don’t have to call any users.

You can talk to people via type messages. So, you don’t have to speak with them on the phone or via webcam. These are adult messages, and you can earn $0.20 per message you send in reply. You can also work at your convenience. There is no limit for timing. You only have over 22 years and a PayPal account to receive payment.

8. Flirt Bucks

If you are female and want to get paid to chat online with men, the FlirtBucks app provides you with this opportunity. On this app, women talk to men for money. They call these women Chat hostesses. It means you will get money to flirt, but they have a strict policy on adult topics.

Women can chat with people by webcam or through the text chat function. The amount of earnings depends on the way of chatting and time. It means you will get more money if you use a webcam, and you will get less for text messages.

If you select to get paid to chat via message, you can earn $0.10 per minute for the first three months, which will increase to $0.12 per minute after three months. After six months, you will earn $0.15 per minute.

If you select to get paid to chat via video, you can earn $0.40 per minute for the first three months, which will increase to $0.45 per minute after three months. After six months, you will earn $0.50 per minute.

9. Check specific companies with customer service teams

It may be possible that you couldn’t find a suitable job from any of these online platforms; you don’t have to be upset. You should check specific companies that need customer service teams. You can make money chatting online in the call centers.

Many companies offer customer service teams in-house, where you have to go to the company. Amazon is one of the biggest companies that have call centers across the globe. You can also google for companies with the call center; you may find MMT, Apple, and many more. You should go there, and you will be getting paid to text chat or on the actual call.

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How Can I Get Paid To Chat Online?

It will be challenging to define the specific steps to get paid while chatting with one because this policy differs from company to company. However, some requirements are almost similar in each case;

get paid to chat online with men
Get Paid To Chat Online
  • You should check whether you meet technical requirements for any job you are applying to, like some jobs require a second screen or a headset to qualify. These devices are cheap to buy online, but you should buy them after deciding to do this job for an extended period.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any other work during the working hour of the company. Many people do this as part-time jobs; however, they can’t continue for longer because they are already stuck in their full-time job. So, you need to confirm this while signing up.
  • You should think and introspect whether you want to do this job because customer service seems easy; however, it is not. It becomes exhausting sometimes. You should prepare to talk with strangers and make the conversation more interesting and persuasive. You need to have great enthusiasm for talking to earn maximum money here.
  • You should understand the nature of the job. You get paid to talk to lonely men or others; you should speak via chat or video. You should have the willingness to support them and give advice to them. In some jobs, you are expected to get paid for flirting; you have to do this. So, make sure you are comfortable with the choice of the job.

How Can I Earn Money By Chatting?

The paying scheme is different from the jobs you are doing and company policies. I tried to mention some of these here, and these include;

  • Standard Per Hour Or Minute Basis:
    Like most part-time or casual jobs, the hours you talk to people are the hours you will get money.
  • Based On Talk Hours:
    This type of charging provides you with the motivation to work more. It means that the more you chat with customers, the more you earn. Per-talk hour rates are generally more significant than the standard per-hour rates. This system can be stressful sometimes, but it’s good to earn more if you work hard and are willing to talk with customers.
  • Commissions Based On Sales:
    If you are doing a job in sales, some companies offer payment as per your sales. So, you will get a fraction of the commission from the sale. Many insurance companies offer commissions to workers as per the number of policies people sign up for.
    You can earn much money if you promote companies’ services and products. However, if you are in the learning phase, this might be tough to make good money from this job.
  • Per Session Or Task Rates:
    This paying scheme is similar to talk hours; you will get a flat rate based on how many sessions or tasks you perform. This option applies when people specifically want to talk to you, like with Premium. Chat, or you have to answer the question like JustAnswer.

How Much Can I Make By Getting Paid To Talk To Lonely People?

The amount of money you get paid to talk to lonely guys for money will differ from company to company and the type of work you are assigned to do. You can generally see that you will get a fixed amount of money per session or hour in the apps mentioned above, except for the commission-based rate.

For example, in FriendPC, you will earn a flat rate per session, while in other apps, you will earn money as per messages you send. The amount of money you make majorly depends on the number of sessions or messages you did during your working time.

What Is The Best Get Paid To Chat App?

The answer to this question is very subjective. If you are looking for the best get paid to chat app, it depends on what you are willing to do and which skills you have.

It is a fact that earning is the main factor for choosing the best app, but if you want to make maximum, it depends not only on the app but also on you.

For instance, do you like apps where you can send text messages? If yes, you should check for the apps; that do not prefer video calling or regular calling. If you select the app with high rates on calling and a minimum typing rate, you will surely earn less irrespective of your hard work.

You should first decide the type of work you want to do, and you can do it. If you have excellent tech knowledge or expertise in a specific field, you can talk to customers; if you have the expertise, you don’t have to prepare for this.

If you plan to make money only, you should make a selection accordingly. In such a case, you can’t run behind pleasure, and you should do the job in which you are right and have great things to share. In such a way, you can chat and earn online.

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Is It Worth It To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People?

Getting paid to talk to people can be worth it. You listen to others’ problems and share your opinion about this. It is suitable for society also.

From a financial perspective, you can earn good money. You may earn up to $50 per hour to make some of your friends, and you will earn an average of $20 is excellent for what you are good at.

Moreover, you have become a helping hand to someone. People may look for people to talk to for many reasons, like they recently moved to a new city and may have suffered from physical or psychological health issues. People who have a problem with socializing can start practicing on this Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money just talking to People?

Some companies pay money to talk to people. The companies are Premium. Chat, Cambly, FlirtBucks, RentAFriend, and Amazon Chat Support Representative.

Can I get paid to text Chat?

It is the most overlooked work-from-home job. There are many jobs like this. You need to send a chat and get money.

Can I get paid to listen to People’s Problems?

Yes, you will get paid to listen to other people’s problems. And this isn’t only applicable when you talk to lonely people despite sharing some issues with you, and you can help them unofficially. Most of all, customer service roles involve listing to and solving other people’s problems.

You get paid to chat online with men when you listen to their concerns. Whether you talk via text message or video call, people will talk to you when you listen to them. You can earn handsomely on these apps when you are a good listener and problem solver.


These are the various ways to get paid to talk to lonely men. It is an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash. There is no time limitation, and it offers very flexible timing. You can do your work remotely; hence, you don’t have to pay for transportation. If you are good at a particular skill or dancing, these apps allow a significant sum of money. I hope this article helps you find an answer to the questions. Comment below if you have any questions.

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