Get well assured LASIK Payment Plan in 2024

You see, either closed objects are blurred, or the far ones for you, LASIK is a surgical laser eye treatment to cure your hyperopia or myopia and commonly astigmatism, and your LASIK payment plan makes it an easy deal for your eye treatment.

LASIK (Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) costs somewhere between $1200 to $3000 per eye, that includes the pre and post operative care having a 96% of success rate. Correcting vision through the right payment plan for LASIK is a necessity to live a healthy life.

Easy Payment Plan for LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is the refractive laser eye surgical treatment, however, there’s other laser vision correction treatments, like latest Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) and older Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) , LASIK and SMILE both costs nearly equal and PRK is ($2000 to $4000 for both eyes) comparatively less expensive.

Payment Plan for LASIK

Over 150 million people in America have poor vision due to refractive causes. More than 700,000 people register for this treatment and seek a LASIK payment plan to cure their cornea to regain their clear vision ability.

LASIK helps people with their vision to attain 20/40 vision with a success rate of 96%. For some patients, it can help attain 20/20 vision as well.

Choose Affordable Plan while Financing LASIK

Financing LASIK to have best affordable vision correction treatment depending upon the level of vision correction eye, type of treatment and the experience of the surgeon, the different payment plan for LASIK will help you to manage your medical budget.

Here, you can get your affordable best LASIK payment plan, so, you get your wallet loose with a lump sum idea of how much! However, it is affordable, the way you desire.

Personal Loans and Insurance

More predictable and well assured loans with APR 6% to 36% for Financing LASIK treatment, these personal loans are common, since they contain lowest medical risks and penalty factors.

However, it’s always less likely to get LASIK counted under federal insurance coverages than private insurance, since it doesn’t have the emergency sense unless associated with some serious or critical eye diseases.

You must count the origination fee as some lenders do charge it, adding to your extra cost to your LASIK eye surgery financing.

Any bank, company or a credit union can provide you personal loans based upon their interest policy and eligibility criteria, however, personal loans can be used for any purpose, be it your medical expense under chosen LASIK payment plan.

Most affordable Lenders providing personal loans, that set your pre and post surgery expenses as well,

LendersAPRLoan AmountRequired CS
Up Start5.42 – 35.99 %$1000 – $50,000None
Discover6.99 – 24.99%$2500 – $35000660
Marcus6.99 – 24.99%$3500 – $40000740

Credit Cards

This can be a convenient way to manage your LASIK payment plan, since the credit cards provide an easy and quick access to your surgery expenses.

There is a carecredit healthcare credit card, for you as best of its services in providing you enough eye care medical coverage, that includes the LASIK refractive eye surgery.

It provides you interest free credit with 2 years of payoff balance time to manage your LASIK eye surgery financing, however, if you exceed the time duration and fail to pay off the balance loan, you’re bound to pay the heavy interest rate of 26.99% on your entire loan amount. 

Health Saving Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

IRS has already given a green signal for the laser vision correction procedures like LASIK, people having accounts in HSA and FSA can directly benefit under this pre-tax contribution to the HSA and FSA account holders.

Comparatively to the previous year 2022, there is a $200 increase observed under the FSA account limit which has been declared up to $3050 for the year 2024. 

If you’re having a job, your employer also may contribute to your FSA funds that may help you get your favorable LASIK Eye surgery payment plan.

For HSA, an individual can get benefits up to $3850 and families may get benefits up to $7750. So, the caps for both HSA and FSA must be cleared for you to plan for your first eye check-up. 

  • 0% Financing Lasik

No interest for up to 24 months, there exists a program associated with CareCredit offering 0% interest rate, you can expect the same day response to your application for the CareCredit healthcare Credit card, since it provides the optimum health care coverage which include laser vision correction.

You can visit their carecredit network location or apply online, you initiate a schedule for your eye exam at a nearby CareCredit provider, you can use the acceptance locator feature on the site to find your place or download the CareCredit Mobile App.

Vision Service Plan

Exclusively they’ve covered your Eye health care plan with discounts to manage total savings up to $3000.

Save up to $1000 on your first Lasik procedure with the Vision Service Membership plan. And, with other eye care products, like sunglasses with a $100 rebate, an amount back of $310 on bausch, lomb contacts and eyewear protection.

You can easily have access to their vision network doctors, irrespective of your vision correction, you are allowed to enter into the annual plan with a periodic eye exam that will help detect more than 270+ signs of eye diseases and health conditions.

They’ve a systematic vision care insurance coverage, to maintain your LASIK Eye surgery payment plan with associated eye disease solutions and health care products.

Finding doctors would not be a challenge since they’ve over 700+ vision work retail stations across the state.

Factors involved in LASIK Eye Surgery Financing 

Considering the measures that go along with your payment plan for LASIK is always a knowledge deal since, you don’t know the kind of technology and the laser treatment trends applied to perform your assisted treatment.


Clear your basic idea about eye surgery, below are some factors you must understand while preparing for your Payment plan for LASIK,

Vision Correction Level – This is most important factor you must consider before financing LASIK as, this is where you will understand whether you qualify for the LASIK or not,

  • Nearsightedness or Myopia, -8.0 diopters
  • Astigmatism, -6 diopters
  • Farsightedness or Hyperopia, -9 diopters

LASIK Technology – The kind of technology used in the surgical operation would be another big factor in determining the cost while you choose your plan for Financing LASIK.

  • Conventional LASIK typically costs around $1700 per eye, since it is the older version of LASIK and uses the most basic technique to operate. People having less vision correction are the suitable patients to this LASIK, it also has less recovery time.
  • Custom LASIK may cost you around $1200 per eye, those having high laser prescription can get this treatment, it uses the WaveFront technology, where front to back measurement of an eye gets done. It involves advanced digital technology which was previously unavailable in traditional LASIK.
  • Bladeless LASIK, the technique used is called femtosecond laser, the most expensive and advanced technology. It costs you around $2119 per eye. According to market trends, this process provides efficient and long-term stable results.


LASIK financing has always been a side thought of wallets to manage your payment plans for financing, although we are covered with a distinctive approach to different LASIK Eye surgery financing along with some must considered with associated factors.

What Credit Score do you need for LASIK?

It’s preferably should not be under 600, however, even with a bad credit score, some lenders provide LASIK insurance like UpStart.

Is LASIK worth it financially?

Definitely worth, as in total cost of your eye care, comparatively to your other eye care solution like contact lenses or glasses, LASIK provides optimum affordability.

What age does LASIK stop working?

It’s permanent vision correction, there’s no age, although some specultation tells the number 10 as an age bar, but, it’s false, as LASIK cannot be worn off.

Can you count LASIK on your taxes?

Under Internal Revenue Services, IRS, all eye surgeries such as LASIK, or PRK are deducted from tax since they’re medical expenses.

Can I claim medical insurance for LASIK?

In case of an accident or injury, your insurance coverage may consider some serious eye refractive errors and provide eye correcting surgery expenses.

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