How to Apply New York State Disability Form?

New York State Disability Form involves two types of forms: DB – 450 Form and DB – 300; these are the forms required to proceed with your application to gain the disability benefits replacing the worker’s compensation.

Since New York State Disability Form is supposed to apply when you’re undergoing injury or illness, not through or at the place of your work during your employment hours, injury or Illness which did not occur during or due to your job while you’re employed is covered under these benefits replacing the worker’s compensation.

Get the Short-Term Disability NY Form

The law of New York state requires every employer to cover the short-term disability benefits under the protected health insurance. Under the New York State Department of Labour branch, New York State Worker’s Compensation Board provides the definite Short-Term Disability NY Form.

Get the Short-Term Disability NY Form

You can apply for Short-Term Disability NY Form within 30 days of encountering an injury or illness outside your job that prevents you from working or remaining employed for a short time, up to 26 weeks. 

Benefits covered under the New York State Disability Form for people who suffered off-job injuries or illnesses provide the recipient with temporary weekly case benefits. 

For the next eight weeks, right from the injury date recorded in your Short-Term Disability NY Form, you will get short case payments of at least 50% of your average weekly salary, but not more than $170 per week. These benefits can be continued for a maximum of 126 weeks.

DB – 450 Form 

The DB – 450 Form has two mandatory sections Part A – Claimant’s Statement and Part B – Health Care Provider Statement. Part A here has to be completed by you with your signature, and Part B is supposed to be completed by the health care provider by whom your treatment is undergoing.

DB - 450 Form

The Part C of the DB – 450 Form is not mandatory but an added merit form that defines the Employer’s Statement, which your employer provides.

Please have the Part C form attached with your Form DB – 450 as your supported advantageous document, which helps the benefit-providing branch define your eligibility and the length of benefits that shall be provided to you.

How to Apply for Short-Term Disability in NY?

We’ve developed a comprehensive outline about how to apply for Shirt-Term Disability in NY under the state mandate program Disability Benefits Program (DBL). Short-Term disability involves temporary illness and do not cover prolonged health condition like cancer or severe body damage.

How to Apply for Short-Term Disability in NY?

Suppose you have had unemployment benefits for more than four weeks since you were disabled. In that case, you must file the DB –  300 Form, whereas if you’re either unemployed or working and currently having unemployment benefits for less than four weeks, you shall file for the form DB – 450.

You can access both forms (DB – 450 – Form and DB – 300 Form) over the New York State Insurance Fund direct website NYSIF to apply for Short-Term Disability in NY. 

The DB – 450 Form would be accessible in the Disability Benefits Claimant (off-the-job Injury). You can claim your benefits using this form and submit it to the NYSIF.

If your injury happened during your job or at the place of work while you were employed, then you shall file a Form – C available on the NYSIF website under the worker’s compensation board. However, you must inform your employer about the injury within 30 days to claim this file.

You can apply for Short-Term Disability in NY by mailing your DB – 450 Form to NYSIF Disability Benefits, PO Box 66699, Albany, NY 12206. 

If you are seeking NY State Disability Phone Numbers, you can alternatively fax your NYS Disability forms, specifically for DB – 450 form to 518-437-5201.

While for your DB – 300 Form, you can mail it to New York State Workers’ Compensation Board – Disability Benefits; 100 Broadway; Menands/Albany, NY 12241, or you can fax your NYS Disability forms DB – 300 to 800-353-3092.

Following are some of the direct points of contact; you can have direct access to the NY State Disability Phone Numbers:

  • NYSIF: 518-437-5201 / 800-353-3092
  • General Telephone: 518-473-1090
  • Child Support Services: 1-888-208-4485 For the Hearing Impaired, 
  • TTY Phone number: 1-866-875-9975
  • Temporary Assistance: 1-800-342-3009
  • SSI/Social Security Disability Determinations Questions: 1-800-522-5511

The following documents are prerequisites for applying for Short-Term Disability in NY.

  • Birth Certificate and State Identity Proof
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Marital Certificate or Divorce Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Children’s Birth Certificate
  • Employment Details – Current and Previous 2 Years
  • U.S MIllitary Service Information (If Applicable)
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Witnessing Claimant Identity
  • Treatment Provider Point of Contact and Information
  • Medical Approval for the Disability

What to expect from Short-Term Disability Benefits?

You shall have your short-term disability benefits NY for a maximum of 26 weeks within the period of 56 consecutive weeks. They provide cash benefits every two weeks. You can have up to 60% of the employee’s weekly growth income.

Pregnant women are also covered under this short-term disability benefits NY for six weeks or beyond based on the delivery conditions and complications. However, note that these benefits are subject to social and medical taxes.

Temporary cash benefits are provided to eligible people. There shall be a scope of ground rejection if an employee collects disability benefits and paid family leave benefits simultaneously. 

Within the period of 52 consecutive weeks, the total leave benefits for the employee cannot be more than 26 weeks. 


We’ve briefly discussed here the New York State Disability Form along with the DB – 450 Forma and DB – 300 Form. We have mentioned how to apply for Short-Term Disability in NY, along with the prerequisite documents and point of contact.

Who qualifies for short term disability in NY?

You must be employed, but your injury or illness has to be off duty and not at the place of your work.

What qualifies for Disability in New York State?

You’re qualified for disability benefits if you cannot do your regular work due to recognized medical conditions under reasonable grounds.

How much does NY State pay for disability?

NY state pays disability benefits around 50% of your average salary and may vary over months, and the maximum amount is up to $170 per week.

How long does it take to get NY State disability?

From the time you have applied for disability benefits in NY, you will have seven days waiting period where no benefits will be paid.

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