Periodontitis Treatment Cost: Breaking the Prices

The torment you live through while having your jawbone in terrible pain, get up now and plan for your periodontitis treatment cost so that even your financial crunches never bother you to pay heed to your oral health. Periodontal maintenance costs start from as low as $600 and can go beyond $8500 depending upon the advancement of the treatment.

You cannot afford a waiting period if you’re diagnosed with gum infection and now searching for the best periodontal disease treatment cost offers since the damage has already started to happen to your gums, which may lead to tooth loss.

What is the Cost of Periodontal Surgery in 2024?

If you have severe gum disease, you may need to undergo periodontal surgery after your gum infection has been treated and deep cleaning procedures have been applied.

It is important to understand the cost of periodontal surgery, especially in case of critical damages in 2024.

Cost of Periodontal Surgery

The total cost of periodontal surgery may vary between $600 to $8500, depending on the severity of your gum infection. Where the actual damage has happened, either continuing disease or separated ones since, it matters more while estimating your periodontitis treatment cost.

However, traditional mouth therapy might cost another $2000, as most doctors recommend having periodontal therapy if periodontal surgery becomes expensive and difficult to manage. 

The non-surgical procedures such as scaling and root planing to treat periodontal diseases undercover your periodontitis treatment cost also will cause you to lose your wallets for around $100 to $350 per quadrant of the mouth.

Updated 2024: Different Periodontitis Surgery Cost

It is essential to understand not every surgical procedure is well set for all periodontal disease patients. There are specific surgical options based on your particular condition to filter out the best periodontitis surgery cost for your treatment.

Periodontitis Surgery Cost

Here, you can have an in-depth understanding of such surgeries and cost takeouts, which include the cost of flap surgery and other advanced cost of periodontal surgery.

  1. Gingival Flap Surgery –  This surgery includes critical operations like gingivoplasty and gingivectomy. The flap surgery will cost around $800 to $3500 per tooth. Also known as Gum lift surgery, that helps improve your smiley appearance by recontouring the Gums.
  2. Mucogingival surgery costs around $1200 to $4000 per tooth. This is a more critical and advanced surgery to graft the tissues around the denuded gum surfaces that require healing coverage. Although, more than the cost of flap surgery, patients using the removable partial denture can have this surgery to deepen their vestibule. 
  3. Bone Grafting –  The surgery costs around $250 to $3200 per bone graft. This undergoes the manipulation of bone tissues to attain the desired shape, reshape, and restore the gum strength that may seem suitable to plan for periodontitis surgery cost. In addition, it involves osteotomy and ostectomy, which helps correct the defective bones and regain the ideal bone contours.
  4. Guided Tissue Regeneration – Putting the artificial barrier membrane alongside the tooth and gum so that new growing tissue and bone are allowed and driven by the barrier membrane. Specifically in the area where the tissues are required and prevent the unwanted tissues and bones from growing. This advanced surgical method costs little more than flap surgery, but recovery time is lesser. This periodontal disease treatment costs around $400 to $2000 per implant.
  5. LANAP – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedures, the gum tissues in this procedure follow the painless removal procedure targeting the laser to your damaged tissues. This periodontitis surgery cost may range between $1600 to $6500 and may go beyond depending upon the number of gum tissues damaged.

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Is the Periodontal Disease Treatment Cost Worth the Investment?

The top faculty doctors around the globe recommend periodontitis treatment. The faster you decide on treatment, the better the chances you will get it cured before it worsens. Surprisingly, periodontal disease treatment costs aren’t that expensive for your wallets nowadays.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Cost

Here, we’ll understand the associated payment breakups to manage your cost to treat periodontal diseases at different stages.

  • Consultation Charges – $80 to $300
  • Basic Cleaning – $60 to $250
  • Deep Cleaning (if Recommended) – $100 to $450
  • Root Scaling and Planning per Tooth – $150 to $600
  • Gum Contouring – $60 to $450

Gum Disease Treatment Cost

Most of the periodontitis treatment costs will depend upon the few significant factors you must consider before you opt for the best gum disease treatment cost optimum to your affordability.

Gum Diseases Treatment Cost

Doctors recommend you go through root scaling and planning before you opt for other advanced treatments and surgeries; however, if you have dental insurance, 80% of the periodontitis treatment cost will be covered.

The average Gum disease treatment cost varies depending upon factors such as disease progression, gum contouring the damaged tissues, location, and existing health insurance. However, to sum it all up, the gum disease treatment cost ranges from $2000 to $8000.

Cost of Gum Flap Surgery

You don’t want to have red and swollen gums surviving that chronic pain. You can use the following methods to check out the cost of Gum flap surgery.

The average cost of gum flap surgery ranges between $800 to $3500. You can prepare your payment plan with the following alternatives, which provide enough paychecks and amounts for the treatment.

Receding Gums Treatment Cost

It’s the most popular and highly rated treatment, with over a 90% success rate. The condition of your gums varies; hence, the receding gums treatment cost is based on typical patient periodontal severity and gum tissue conditions.

  • The typical gum contouring costs around $60 to $450 per tooth.
  • Gum tissue grafting costs around $600 to $1200 per tissue implant.
  • Deep Cleaning charges, including mouth disinfection, are approx $60 to $450.
  • Pocket Depth Reduction per Area costs around $800 to $3500.
  • Total receding gums treatment costs around $4000 to $6500 and sometimes may even go beyond the $10K bar. 

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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Periodontal treatment doesn’t always have to go under medical necessity, and many people approach doctors for cosmetic gum surgery for purely cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

These days, youth are keen on looking for different ways of enhancing their beauty and teeth appearance and want to smile out loud confidently.

Cosmetic Gum surgery is the procedure that saves the cost of gum flap surgery you might be looking after to beautify your overall appearance by improving the gum quality and achieving accurate symmetry.

Out of multiple alternative ways to achieve what you desire to look confidently into the mirror while smiling simultaneously, the following list of treatments can be your first-hand choices according to your requirement adjoining by the medical causes.

  • Veneer Application
  • Deep Dental Cleaning
  • Gum Lifting
  • Gum Recession Treatment
  • Tooth Bleaching
  • Bone Grafting
  • Gum Grafting and Reduction

Budgeting for Your Oral Health: Periodontal Maintenance

It’s more about you being oral health conscious other than your medical necessity and periodontal disease. Periodontal maintenance involves basic to deep cleaning procedures, scaling, and root planing while removing the tartar between the tooth and gum or vestibule.

Periodontal Maintenance

Pocket irrigation and tartar removal stuck along the side of tooth, bone, and root help eradicate the harmful bacterial growth within your oral periphery. Periodontal maintenance is recommended by doctors every three to four months if you’re diagnosed with periodontitis.

The average periodontal maintenance costs $600 to $3000, including the pre-existing periodontal issues; however, once they’re addressed, the scheduled PM cost every three-four months will be around $40 to $ 350.

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We’ve in-brief covered periodontitis treatment cost with various factors, the cost to treat periodontal disease, and the different periodontitis surgery costs, including flap surgery costs and specific aspects of periodontal maintenance and cosmetic gum surgery.


Is periodontal treatment worth it?

Maintaining your oral health up to the mark and a shining smile with confidence is the utmost requirement since periodontal treatment costs are now affordable with alternative treatment and health cards.

Can periodontitis be cured permanently?

Your body requires maintenance; nothing is permanently healthier. Basic oral hygiene and scheduled periodontal maintenance (if recommended by doctors) will suffice for your oral health after the periodontitis treatment.

Do I need periodontal maintenance forever?

You must follow up on your periodontal maintenance scheduled by your doctor regularly. However, the cure is not permanent, and the prescribed oral hygiene must be obeyed.

Can teeth be saved from periodontitis?

Yes, teeth can be saved from periodontitis if adequate measures are considered to prevent the damage and get treatment as soon as possible.

How long does periodontitis take to heal?

Once the treatment has been performed, it may take around 3 to 5 months to get healed completely; however, the gum recession might wonder you for a while, but it’s to optimize the space between the tooth and gum.

How did I get periodontitis?

The bacterial infection might cause inflammation around the tooth, leading to gum tissue damage and ultimately resulting in periodontal diseases.

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