Process Of Getting Braces – Step-By-Step Guide

Braces are a great idea if you want to improve your smile. But not everyone is aware of the term braces. Especially the process of getting braces. Don’t worry, here we brief you on what is the process of getting braces. We recommend you get treatment after only getting knowledge about the braces.

Doctors believe that patients should not get braces if they don’t know the process of getting braces. People who know everything about the braces process are happier after the treatment. In this article, we brief every crucial point about the braces process. And here you will surely get a clear idea about the process of getting braces.

What Is The Process Of Getting Braces?

Now, let’s start with the journey of getting braces. Ten steps are there to start the braces process from the beginning when you decide to get the treatment and the end when you are ready to get your braces on! So, let’s get a clear idea of what is the process of getting braces.

Making Decision

Making the decision to go through the braces process is the first step in this fantastic transformation journey. However, this step might be the most difficult one. Due to lots of myths, the braces process has become difficult to grasp for many patients. Such myths scare patients from starting the process of getting braces.

However, we always encourage people with clear facts about the benefits and challenges of the treatment.

You should be aware of the benefits and challenges of getting braces. Educate yourself on the process of getting braces. So, you will prepare yourself for the challenges you will face in the future with braces and smoothly tackle it.

Speak To Your Dentist

The second step in the process of getting braces is to speak to your dentist regarding getting braces. Your dentist is well-trained to spot the initial problems in tooth development and jaw growth. Even if they don’t know exactly what needs to be done with braces or aligners, then they will recommend you to a specialist that can manage your problem.

what is the process of getting braces

Find An Orthodontist

The third and one of the most important steps in getting braces is to find an orthodontist that you like and trust. Even if your regular dentist referred you to a specific office, you still should ensure that the doctor and office fit your needs.

Here are a few ways to find an orthodontist. Facebook groups, Yelp, Google, Insurance Provider List, Friends & Family, Employer human resources department, and local chamber of commerce. You may go through many ways to find the best orthodontist that completely fits your needs.

Plan A Braces Consultation

Here is another important step in the process of getting braces. The information that you collected in your initial consultation will help you to decide the right office that fits you. And this consultation will surely give you a chance to meet your orthodontist face-to-face. Collect as much as information you need to know and ensure yourself with all questions answered.

Fix A Treatment Plan

Deciding on an orthodontic treatment plan is another crucial step in the process of getting braces. But with an explanation about your treatment plan and trust in your orthodontist can make this step quick and easy. If your treatment process is simple then deciding on a treatment plan won’t take much time.

This is easy if you have a good connection with your orthodontist and staff. You can start your braces on the same day. you can also take help paying for braces from the government. In case, if your treatment is not so clear to you then it may take some extra time to decide. If your treatment involves additional appliances, extractions, missing or impacted teeth, extensive general dental work, and jaw surgery then slowing down the braces process is ok.

As an orthodontist aware of the magnitude of the treatment decision. Most offices won’t pressure you to make a decision to start your braces right away. In case, if they pressurize you to get braces on as soon as possible then that office may not fit you well. Before making a decision, take your time to collect all the information you need. And feel confident with your decision.

Alternative Treatment Plans And No Treatment

Alternative treatment plans do exist in orthodontics. Orthodontics creates an ideal treatment plan which offers you the most efficient, aesthetic, and stable way to solve your problems. This plan will address your chief complaint and aims to finish your teeth, bite, TMJ joint and muscles, and jawbones in ideal positions.

But what happens when an ideal is not achievable? Here, you will be presented with alternative treatment plans. This treatment plan will help you to achieve your treatment goals as best as possible.

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Paying For Your Braces

The seventh step is to pay for your braces. For most families financing braces is generally the first major concern and the last major hurdle. As we know, orthodontic treatment is provided by highly-trained specialists that use modern technology to provide you with high-level service. Ample staffing and supplies are included to deliver the service. Now, you may get a clear idea why the price of orthodontic care is very expensive.

Orthodontic insurance is a helpful step with the out-of-pocket expense for your braces. However, the benefit amount from your insurance plan can vary from plan to plan. The benefit amount in common is $1000 to $1500. Some of the best insurance may benefit you with $2500.

Discounts On Braces

As we know, everyone loves a deal. And getting a deal while getting braces is not an exception. Most offices offer discounts on braces treatment plans. Here we mention some common discount plans that you may have heard of in orthodontic treatment.

Like pay in full discount, it is a 5-10% discount on your total fee. Multi-sibling discounts, new patient discounts, value-added offers, seasonal discounts, black Friday sale discounts and last down payment match discounts.

Contracts And Consent Forms

Orthodontic consent and contract forms will be signed after all the negotiations are complete. This must be done to protect you as a patient and to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you negotiated. These can be multiple forms that you have signed. Read carefully and understand well before signing forms.

Wrapping It Up

The process of getting braces is not as tough as humans think. However, getting braces on is exciting. You should do careful research and consideration before getting braces. In this article, we already discussed the process of getting braces. So, if you’re looking for what is the process of getting braces then this article will help you with every small little piece of information you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process of braces?

Ans: The average amount of time it takes is between 1 and 3 years. But you may need braces for a shorter or longer period depending on your circumstances.

How painful is installing braces?

Ans: The honest answer is the braces do not hurt at all when they are applied to the teeth. So, there is no valid reason to be anxious about the placement appointment.

What Age is best for braces?

Ans: a general rule of thumb is your kids should look to get braces between the age of 9 and 14. Usually, this is before they have gone through puberty.

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