Top 5 Globally Trending Social Media Applications.

It’s undoubtedly the correct guess for the best social media platforms prevailing in the year 2023 globally, the statistics say the #1 Social Media Platform is Facebook followed by YouTube.

However, the main line of approach is the elementary purpose of the different social media platforms utilized by different groups of people.

Let’s see, the different social media platforms and how they are becoming a giant in different segments worldwide. The most important element to consider when it comes to social media is to consider whether they are behaving as distracting agents or the platform for some application.

The platform is constructed to serve some sort of application and here we are digging into different giant application platforms to understand their statistics, demographics, and latest trends in the social media market.

Best Social Media Apps to Talk


Facebook is the literal face of social media, from how it started and how it’s still carrying a giant leadership in the market is declared worldwide. The best, yet in the process of being the best, Facebook is becoming a platform for emerging business technologies when it continues to grow through different community and relationship building.


The ability of Facebook ads is an attractive figure, it targets 36.7 % of the total youth on Facebook, and this is the highest crossing percentage in the race of other social media platforms, with Twitter being the last with 6.5 % only.

Facebook is associated with Google ads in the niche of digital advertisement. However, the shopping habits here are only 23 %, half of the Instagram platform.

The highest-growing market domain over Facebook belongs to the following niche, Beauty and Fitness Products, Education, Employment, Coaching Institutes, Training, and Food Sector.

The most active age group on the Facebook platform is between 24 to 35 years, pretty adult.


It’s the standing platform for E-commerce businesses these days; social medial influencers are heavily using this trending platform for the objective of online digital marketing.


Instagram is the platform having the highest conversion rate in the digital advertisement as it can engage with the organic reach of the audiences. Around 36 % of Instagram users are following the brands, leading good of platforms for applying digital branding for your business.

The shopping habits are highest on this Platform, it is 51% and around 150 million people get engaged with the advertising posts.

Instagram is an undoubtedly visually appealing platform where the youth often engage in documenting their entire lives and getting entitled to influencing personalities.

Instagram is gradually becoming a face for influencing marketing and there is no wonder the different marketing agencies invest the highest in Instagram than any other platform, around 70 % of their total marketing budget goes to influencing marketing.


This is the platform for professionals, the youth here is gradually getting aligned with career and employment and establishing a professional network.


Well-known B2B leads are getting generated using these platforms, the B2B marketing is prevailing, hence the opportunities for creating new business alliances do seem not a that difficult road map for beginners.

The stats suggest that more than 70% of the people on LinkedIn belong to the United States.

LinkedIn is standing at the top when it comes to organic conversion rate which is 95% followed by Facebook which is 83%.

Job seekers are using the LinkedIn platform to develop their network with recruiters and human resources management consultancy. As it has now become easier to find a job and connect directly to the HR recruiter by developing a strong profile and submitting their skill certifications and curriculum vitae.

The industries associated with LinkedIn accounts also vary across the globe however, the Information and Technology and Healthcare Sector dominates the platform by widely using digital marketing and advertisement in IT software and services, and medical care products.


This is though not so popular among the youth to qualify enough to get entertained, the platform has a wide range of users, especially business professionals and celebrities.


The limited 360 characters of expression make this platform unique as not everyone is able enough to convey their brand within just 360 characters and not everyone needs the limitation to their social media expression. However, reports suggest this platform is majorly used for customer support of the business and maintaining a public face for famous personalities.

The states suggest that two third of twitter’s audience is male, that is 70% male and 30% female users.

This platform is also a window to exclusive news worldwide, around 56% of Twitter users are visiting the platform for news access. Almost 25% of Twitter’s verified accounts belong to journalists.

The highest association with Twitter belongs to the education and sports industry whereas the media industry is the least concerned vertical.

The research has found that most Twitter users are belonging to a wealthy background and carry higher degrees in education. They get distinguished clearly from the users of other platforms as they are mostly highly educated.

65% of Twitters users belong to the United States and hence the ongoing class of the western philosophical mindset, liberation, and education in action prevail like communication over the platforms.


Socialization among youngsters and the location-based feature in the Snapchat platform help to ease digital marketing with potential customer searches option. The report states the platform users are mostly youth belonging to the o 34 years of age. This application provides a fair deal of businesses through location-based marketing. Many Snapchat influencer get paid to talk to lonely people, Generally female influencer talk with single alone boy and makes money.


Snapchat provides the Video Ads feature with audio and that is when most of the business deals can get converted quickly as there are people who would like to watch a video along with the audio, unlike the Facebook video ads where most of the videos are silently accessed by the users.

The uniqueness of the platform stands in its imposed time limit for certain photos and messages. The visibility is there for a limited period for the users to access it and then it gets evaporated automatically.

The attractiveness of the platform circles around Snapchat Lenses and Geofilters. The filter availability for the users is based upon a definite radius or the location of a certain region.

The Snapchat Lens helps to augment your snaps with 3D effects, adding different objects and characters and transforming your whole visual experience with the Artificial Intelligence applications.

The current happening live concerts or the new arrival discount deal or offer in the nearby restaurant or salons get the most benefit out of the Geofilters offered by the Snapchat Platform.

The top social media, the depth though get cleared, to dig even more into different social media platforms, and beyond please keep a watch here over the latest trending news and technological alliances happening in the same social media platforms.

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