Used Toys Donations!!7 Charities That Accept Donations

Have you ever thought about used toys donations? Toys are an integral part of a child’s life. But as happy as they get when they first get it, they don’t show much appreciation after playing with it for some time. Such toys only use up space in your house. Now, you have the option of donating these toys to various organizations who in turn would give them to those in need. Used toys donations program is run by numerous charity organizations and non-profits. You can reach out to them and set a date to donate used toys that are no longer used by your kids.

Not only kids but sometimes we have some toys with whom we used to play when we were kids, you can donate them as well to the organizations in our locality. When I was cleaning up my house, I too, found a box full of toys that my kids no longer used, I quickly searched for charities to donate used toys near me, and there came up a list of organizations that accepted toy donations near me. Like me, you too can look around the block and carry on with the process of used toys donations.

Charities That Accept Used Toys Donations

While cleaning up the house pre and post-festivals, you find a variety of things that you no longer use. Of course, those things are no longer used but are still there because it has an emotional value attached to it. But, you can donate some of them like those unused toys with which neither you nor your kids are going to play anymore. Numerous organizations accept used toy donations. You can contact them and mail them or personally go there and deliver those used toys for children who might use them.

  • Toys for Tots:

The very first name that comes to mind when we hear anything about toys is Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots is a charity that accepts used toys donations and distributes these toys among the needy and the poor. It is a Marine-facilitated charity that only accepts those used toys donations that are in great shape. For instance, if any toy that you donated has an arm broken or an eye popped out, then that toy would not be accepted.

Used Toys Donations
Used Toys Donations

They work with various shelter homes and community centers where they often distribute these used toys. If you wish to make any used toys donations to this charity, then you can visit their official website and enter the name of your state. Then you would be needed to decide on a pick-up or drop-off location. Not only toys but you can also donate cash to this organization with which they would buy brand new toys for the less fortunate.

  • Ronald McDonald House:

Working with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, THe Ronald McDonald House is a charity that helps low-income families buy toys for their children. This charity offers help not only for children but for the entire family. It offers lodging and other facilities to families whose children are being treated in a nearby hospital. This facility is for families that live far from the hospital and are required to tend to their children’s needs at any time of the day.

As charity tends to everyone’s needs in the family, it is constantly in the need of toys. These toys are meant for children whose siblings have been under treatment in the hospital. Toys seem to keep them busy during their stay at the charity. You can help them and donate used toys for the children that are being taken care of by the charity. Used toy donations made by you, can help those children feel at home and comfort them with the feeding of homeliness. You can contact the local chapter affiliated with the organization to know about the process of donation and proceed with the same.

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  • Loving Hugs and Stuffed Animals for Emergencies:

Yet another charity that accepts used toys donations is Loving Hugs. This charity provides toys to less fortunate kids in an emergency as well. Loving Hugs provides used toys to grieving children in times of crisis. It not only gives toys acquired in used toys donations but also gives them brand new toys to soothe them in their problems. You can chip in and help them bring a smile to a child’s face as well. All you need to do is call them up and set a date so that you can drop off an essential part of your childhood at their given drop off place and do a little good to society.

If you wish to donate used toys and are seeking an organization to do the deed, we will recommend you to reach out to Stuffed Animals for Emergencies to help. This organization, just like Loving Hugs accepts used toys donations and provides these toys to children in distress. They help the less fortunate kids by comforting them in their times of distress. Only the kids can understand the value of a stuffed animal or a favorite toy that can be held close in times of crisis.

If you and your kids are willing to donate used toys that they no longer use, then you can contact these charities and be a benevolent soul. You can ask them to pick up those toys from your house or you can yourself go to their offices personally and do society some good. These charities are always in search of donors like you and me who can be a bigger person and provide help to those in a problem.

Where Can I Donate Used Toys Near Me?

As I said earlier, I donated used toys near me which I found during the cleansing of my house. I am going to share with you where did I donate used toys near me. Often we hear that these organizations are not functional in my area and hence I couldn’t be a part of the benevolent campaign. It is true that not all the organizations are national, some of them might be location-based. For people who are unable to make used toys donations to charities, here is a way through which your query of where to donate used toys near me can be resolved.

Donate used toys near me
Donate used toys near me
  • Resell Charities:

As new as it may sound to you, it is a very helpful thing. It is helpful both to the economy as well as the needy. Resell charities like The Salvation Army have been accepting used toys donations for quite a while now. What you have to do is go up to your local toy store or a thrift store and ask them if they accept used toys donations. If they do, you can directly donate used toys there or go to the office of these organizations and donate used toys there.

You would have to provide them with toys that are in a good condition and can be used by the next generation of children. To check if they need to used toys donations or not, you can check out their official website or contact them personally. I would recommend you to go with this option as it helped me a lot when I wanted to donate used toys near me.

  • Local Shelters and Children’s Centres:

You might have often seen that there these cretch and community centers where children of working parents spend most of their day. To keep them busy, they are provided toys to play with. These toys are often those that are donated by people like us who no longer see the use of it. If you too, want to make used toys donations then you can contact these children’s centers and local shelters.

There were many local shelters in my vicinity that let me donate used toys near me. Just like this, you too can find such local shelters and children’s centers in your area that accepts used toys donations. You can contact them and set a date and schedule a pickup or drop-off whenever it is suitable for you and the organization. Your small step of help can turn out to be a great comfort for needy children.

When I was to donate used toys near me, I did feel bad about giving up an integral part of my childhood but at the same time, I also was happy that they will be a great comfort to a child in distress.

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Places That Accept Toy Donation Near Me

Toy donation near me has never been a matter of problem. There are so many ways I can help those less fortunate children by making used toys donations to agencies that in turn shelter and comfort these children. These places that let me donate used toys near me have always been warm and welcoming to both: the donors as well as to the ones that need help. Just like I found these places that accept toy donation near me, you too can reach out to similar organizations and help the children.

toy donation near me
toy donation near me
  • Freecycle:

Freecycle is a well-known website for one and all. We all know at what cheap prices do we get exquisite items from this website. But, did you know that you can donate toys on the website as well? Yes, that right, it has an option of toy donation near me. With this, you can make used toys donations and help society. This is the best option for those who wish to get rid of their stuff ASAP.

You can post an ad for the toys you would want to donate and eligible buyers would contact you. You can ask the buyers to meet you somewhere so that you can hand over the used toys to them. Freecycle has proven to be one of the best places for toy donations near me. Not only Freecycle but other apps like Facebook, Craigslist, and Instagram have turned out to be great places for toy donations near me.

All you need to do is put up an ad for the toys u want to give away with an attractive title and cover and in no time will you be able to get rid of these oldies without any fuss. This way you would get clear space in your house and will be able to help some people in dire need as well.

  • Churches:

Another place that I find very good for toy donation near me is the church. Churches are known to help the less fortunate. You can become a part of their mission and help those in crisis. Churches often run daycares and give away donated stuff as well. You can donate used toys that are no longer needed to you to the churches in your vicinity and earn some brownie points for yourself.

Often these donations also help in tax rebates. If you mention that you have been donating used toys then you might get a little help in your taxes. There are some tax reduction facilities if you mention these kinds of good deeds done by you. This benefit can benefit you in the future when you need help.

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How To Donate Used Toys?

The most important step for me to make a toy donation near me was to know the process of donation. Generally, the rules for donations are the same everywhere but it is safe to check with the agencies and organizations if they have any special criteria or not. To donate used toys near me I did not have to go through long procedures or paperwork. It was rather simple and easygoing.

All I had to do was see to it that no toys that were to be donated were damaged or rugged. Keep in mind, if any of your toys is not in a good condition your donation will be declined. Hence, you should check the toys before donating them. These donated toys are then given to the needy and less fortunate children by the organizations to that you have donated your stuff. To donate used toys near me, I just had to contact the respective organizations and they came by the decided location to pick up the toys.

You should also see to it that the organization you are donating to has some credit value or not. With that what I mean to say is that you should run a background check on the credibility of the organizations to that you are donating the toys too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to donate used toys?

Shelters, Doctors’ Offices, Military Families, Religious Centers, Charities like Salvation Army and Goodwill, Hospitals, Daycare Centers, and Children’s Homes are the best suitable place to donate used Toys.

How do I get rid of old toys?

If you want to get rid of your old toys, you can donate them to someone who is low-income and who really needs them, or you can give them to places that help that type of kid. You can also recycle it.

What can I do with old toys near me?

You can donate it to places that accept used toys. Organizations like the Salvation Army, Resale Store, Goodwill, Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, Second Chance Toys, Vietnam Veterans of America, Freecycle or Craigslist “Free” Section, and Local Domestic Violence Shelters takes used toys.

What can I do with my kids old stuffed animals?

You can provide all of these to your local animal sheltes. They will donate it or use it in the best possible way.


Used toy donations are the best thing one can do to give back to society what you have acquired. To donate used toys is a big deal of benevolence and should be done by everybody. All your queries regarding where to donate used toys near me or toy donations near me have been given a solution in this article. For further information, you can contact the respective organizations and agencies. You can also ask them to give you an overview of their organization and the used toys donations program run by them.

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