Top 5 Private Grants For Individuals With Disabilities

Everyone knows about grants for people with disabilities, but today we would like to give you more information about private grants for individuals with disabilities. The main aim is to support differently-abled citizens with the help needed for their survival.

Rather than forcing disabled individuals to depend on someone to provide for them, now they can do that for themselves with these disability grants for individuals. There is a whole new section for grants for disabled females to support and promote women’s empowerment.

Private Grants For Individuals With Disabilities

There are various kinds of private grants for individuals with disabilities that suffice the applicants according to their needs. Some are based on skill, while others are based on income status and financial stability. All these disability grants only have one motto: to help people in need out of their misery.

1. Home Improvement Grants

Various charities and non-profit organizations provide help with disability grants to those individuals who are differently-abled and need their houses to be fixed. Not only the non-profit organizations but government too provides private grants for individuals with disabilities.

HUD plays a significant role as a representative on behalf of the government in this field. Its home improvement grants and loans have blessed many disabled individuals.

Private grants for individuals with disabilities

To be eligible for these grants and loans, you must provide certain documents and fulfill all criteria. Generally, these criteria are not complex or hard to achieve. They only ask you, the proof of your disability, proof of your income, and proof of you being a citizen of the United States of America.

2. Emergency Assistance Funds

If anyone needs assistance immediately, they can reach out to help from these organizations that run emergency assistance funds programs.

These kinds of programs are run mainly by the government and local bodies. They are the only ones that can help you with immediate disability grants.

In addition, they assist with programs like TANF and SNAP. SNAP grants are provided to low-income people or those with special needs. You can visit their official site to learn more about eligibility criteria and who can or can not apply for this program.

3. Sports Equipment Grants

Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Access for Athlete Grants is one of the private grants for individuals with disabilities that assist with sports equipment for differently-abled citizens. Generally, the rehabilitation and health insurance that provide grants for adaptive sports equipment is very short-lived. That is where this grant comes into play.

The Athlete Grants provide funds and, in some cases, adaptive sports equipment to people with disabilities to encourage them to build and strengthen their careers in sports.

Equipment like sports wheelchairs, handcycles, mono-skis, and sports prosthetics are provided under this program, or the applicants are funded to buy this equipment for themselves. They are also offered financial support for training and competition.

The Kelly Brush Foundation is yet another disability grant supporting disabled individuals. This individual grant program provides help to paralytic individuals who suffered a spinal injury.

Private grants for individuals with disabilities

4. Technology Grants

For all those techno-savvy disabled, here are some of the private grants for individuals with disabilities that provide help with technological equipment and appliances. The I Got Legs Foundation offers the opportunity to change the lives of people with physical disabilities.

Anyone with difficulty in mobilization and needing technological assistance can apply to this foundation. Age is no bar for the program provided by the organization, and hence anyone with a problem with walking can use it. The applicants should also demonstrate a financial crunch and submit proof of their economic status to the organization.

Another disability grant that provides help is the Jose Blakely Memorial Grant. This program allows one applicant every year. It includes assistance with technological equipment that helps in mobilization and provides the applicants with the independence they wish for in every way possible.

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5. General Grants or Multipurpose Grants

The above-mentioned grants or programs are made to assist with some problematic regions. In contrast, these kinds of private grants for individuals with disabilities are called general or multipurpose grants and provide help in various areas irrespective of the size of the problem.

Be Perfect SCI Foundation is one such organization that offers overall assistance to disabled citizens. It promotes a holistic, exercise-based approach that mainly includes therapy for the recovery process.

This organization provides scholarships for activity-based therapy to eligible recipients at the Perfect Step. They also help those differently-abled citizens who can not afford to purchase wheelchairs, car modifications, medical bills, and general medical necessities.

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Best Grants For Disabled Females

As said earlier, there have been different sections of grants for disabled females to encourage women’s empowerment and to support strong women who have a high potential to do something but are taken aback due to their disability. Such women are provided with these grants to be independent and live freely. They can also apply for private commissions for individuals with disabilities simultaneously.

The Eaton Trust

The Eaton Trust supports females and thus provides financial help for women needing funds due to unforeseen situations and unexpected events. They also offer resources to disabled females who have had a family breakdown and must move out. Wheelchairs are also provided to paraplegic or paralytic women who can not afford to buy one for themselves.

Grants for disabled females

To get wheelchair assistance, you must fill out an application form and provide a letter from a medical professional indicating that the applicant needs this resource.

A medical professional can be anyone of a medical background, like a doctor, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist. Only after that will you be deemed eligible for their grants for disabled females program.

Feminist Review Trust

The Feminist Review Trust is an international organization that helps and supports women across the globe. This UK-based organization reaches out to disabled girls and women to help them become independent in every field.

They provide private grants for individuals with disabilities as well as gifts for disabled females. They harbor many projects created and led by women, especially the ones who are disabled. They fund specific projects only; if yours is one of them, you can apply for their grants for the disabled female program.

The Foundation funds in situations like:

  1. This trust supports projects that are pretty hard to fund.
  2. The trust helps startup funding or projects in their primary stage through their grants for disabled females program.
  3. Projects that are interventional and support feminist values are offered help.
  4. Training and development programs are funded through their private grants for individuals with disabilities program.
  5. Core funding or the salaries of staff and accommodation is looked after by this trust.
  6. The foundation backs the production and distribution of relevant materials.

The highest amount rewarded under their grants for disabled females program is 15,000 euros. An applicant can apply for the same program at most three times annually. You can visit their official site and fill out the application form provided to apply for the same.

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St. Andrew’s Society For Ladies in Need:

St. Andrew’s Society for Ladies in Need is an organization that provides grants for disabled females apart from their private donations for individuals with disabilities program. They provide financial assistance to women who have retired from their jobs or cannot earn due to their disability or illness.

A woman who is retired or is unable to earn due to her disability or illness and lives alone is eligible for such a program. The programs also require the woman to be of British origin and have a good education standard.

The woman should also be a recipient of certain benefits and must possess limited savings. Only then will she be deemed eligible for the goverment grants for disabled females. You can visit their office or check out their official website to learn more about these and another private license for individuals with disabilities provided by them.

Government Grants for Disabled People

The government of the United State of America keeps their regular updation and intact amendments on their budget and disability programs. You can get many government grants for disabled people.

Government Grants for Disabled People

Along with the federal government, state and local governments keep introducing government grants for disabled people. We’ve come up with a few federal subsidies for the disabled here. You must have them checked as follow.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

  • Technically, it is not a grant, although it financially supports people with disabilities. It would be best to meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) to quickly get the benefits as you must fit their eligibility criteria.
  • You can also become eligible for Medicare after receiving the benefits for 24 months. Based on your average lifetime earning, the amount of the grants provided by the SSDI will be decided.
  • Get the Disability Benefit Calculator on the Website of SSA; you can check the amount of your potential benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Based on the federal benefit rate (FBR), your SSI benefits amount would be calculated. Approximately $794 monthly for an individual and $1191 for a couple.
  • You must be aged 65 or older to qualify for this SSI benefits for the disabled, and you must fit their disability definition or blind definition to be able to receive the benefits.
  • You also must have limited income and resources such as cash, property, bank balance, stock, bond, land, vehicles, and other personal stuff and property. In most cases, if you qualify for SSI, you automatically get qualified for Medicaid benefits.

Housing Assistance (Section 8)

  • This program provides rental assistance for low-income families, individuals, and disabled people. Usually, 50% of your area’s medium income is a set parameter for the income limits in their eligibility criteria.
  • You get rental assistance through housing vouchers or apartments at the lowest cost possible to manage your residence. Your local Public Housing Agencies (PHA) get all the funding from the HUD.
  • The landlord provides reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities to modify their space according to their particular disabilities.


Helping individuals with disabilities is a task of great merit. This job is done by various governmental and non-governmental through their disabilities programs. They have been a helping hand to many disabled. Not only these private grants for individuals with disabilities but also grants for disabled females and other such disability grants have proved to be a blessing in hard times for many disabled individuals.


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